Zombie Show – War Z Gameplay AMAZING Grocery Store Shootout!

SlyJesse ( www.youtube.com ) and I added several more viewers to pur party and then all hell broke loose in town. Free Entry for Gallente Megathron from the Eve Online Battleship Collection www.markeedragon.com EVE codes with a bonus of Aliastra Catalyst Destroyer, Destroyers Skillbook and Cerebral Accelerator Booster www.markeedragon.com Like MarkeeDragon.com on FaceBook: www.facebook.com Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Zombie Show – War Z Gameplay AMAZING Grocery Store Shootout!”

  • Nikolajrou says:

    jesse #1 troll aussie:P

  • B20y says:

    war z grouping is epic:) always stay together! or this will happen:P

  • ReFLeXSNiPE says:

    Don’t buy it.

    Unless you have friends to group with all the time, otherwise it’s no fun at all.

    At the moment, it’s incredibly dull, repetitive, boring and hackers are everywhere.
    And I’m not even one of those Day Z “omg dey copied day z qq” fanboys, I’ve never even played it. :P 

  • Whiting1289 says:

    Because he enjoys it and we enjoy watching him…

  • TheGobberShop says:

    argh, hard to watch

  • ballman0 says:

    Is there much point to drink and water if you can just bandage yourself?

  • thc024 says:

    warz isnt a game yet, imo its much better but i was burnt out on arma2 before dayz (1k + hours) once warz is finished imo it will be a better Z apocalypse game BUT dayz is fun dude and ill always play arma2…if ur gonna get dayz wait for the standalone….

  • AtaSergeyNowak says:

    Go for what you like. Look around and research more.

  • BluntedZephyr says:

    MarkeeD. Why waste your time with this ‘farce’ of a game?

  • grovegmk4115 says:

    I have to say get DayZ


  • Kyle Adams says:

    great group of guys your running with markee…

  • iGavB says:

    So….. I didnt know anything about The War Z until I saw these video’s and I think it looks amazing. However, I have spoken with some of my friends in the gamining community who tell me not to buy it and to wait for Day Z to be released…….. What should I do?

  • AtaSergeyNowak says:

    One time fee.

  • SukMaBoohsak Yea says:

    Markee is such a wuss…lol As soon as the shit hits the fan he just hides in a corner…

  • ITPalGame says:

    Must be a Markee Dragon “Leave Britney Alone” type of fan.

  • Videotest81 says:

    Ah shut up weenie.

  • Ghostman113 says:

    Does it cost ONE time, or do i have to pay every month? I hate games like that, for example i´m an old WoW player, but i mean pay every month year in and year out, it´s stupid!

  • Freddie Eloff says:

    sure do what all of us did buy one…..

    ps your welcome>:P

  • lordsuji says:

    Markee you have great spirit for these games.. but you seriously need o practice tactic and staying level headed in action. Not once did you zoom in to be accurate, you wasted bullets on body shots, you fired at random, you stayed standing up right and you didn’t retaliate with gunfire you waited for them to reposition them selves and reload lol. Constructive criticism keep in mind, I just want to be blunt and honest in hopes that you see this and can improve upon it.

  • Ghostman113 says:

    I really wanna play this, but how the FU** can i play it?? I must have a serial key, and i don´t!! Somebody that can help me???

  • ITPalGame says:

    Markee has no sense of how to play FPS tactical style.
    Obviously you do not run in front of an open window. That is what prone is for.

  • ITPalGame says:

    Bandage tip:

    If you have them and someone needs bandaging, you can use them on someone else without having to give it to them.

  • thc024 says:

    better to get it sooner than later cuz i imagine the release price is gonna be higher than the lowest $25 package atm, and i hear some people got it for $15….maybe u can ask santa?

  • MrTrykster says:


  • jeradwtfdub says:

    I played a 48 hour trial, and I enjoyed it. I would pay for this game but I cant afford it. I actually teamed up with another friendly player and didnt play like an asshole. I wish I had it.

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