Zaqqs Red vs Blue – Talos Strategy & The Importance Of Tackle (720p)

Recently I have fallen in love with the Talos. The best of the tier 3 battlecruisers (imo) and found the best setup to use it is very small gang pvp, 2 – 5 people in fleet. But the tacklers for this are the most important. Read below for how to setup. Load your talos up with twin sebos and scan res, you will get around 800 scan res depending on skills, this will ensure your gonna be applying damage to your target within a couple of seconds. I was locking rifters in 1.8 seconds. Keeping at 30km/50km off a gate is a nice range for using Null L ammo and you will have 1 or 2 fast tacklers orbiting the gate at 500m/1000m. Its the tacklers job to insta lock enemies that jump in and essentially to keep you alive, if a lone enemy frig makes it out to you in the tier 3 you wont be able to track it and end up tackled youself. Music: Dues Ex Human Revolution Origonal Sound Track. Main Menu by Michael Mccann First and Last – Michael Mccann

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