Zaqqs Red vs Blue – Firetail Fleet 20v20 (1080p)

Arranged Firetail fleet, 20v20 (maybe 1 or two rifters) Who wins?? watch to find out. Thanks to Mangala for supplying the Firetails and giving us a good fight. Props to Lev to for his fleet command abilities. o7 I thought i was gonna be primaried right away so I made sure I was tanked up, Lucky for me, I didnt :)

Video Rating: 5 / 5

5 Responses to “Zaqqs Red vs Blue – Firetail Fleet 20v20 (1080p)”

  • Lockey69 says:

    depends on your outlook as rich, for a new toon 10 mil is rich XD But for me I would say if someone has a few trillion, thats an ok amount :) gf :)

  • arespavonis says:

    I wouldnt say richest in eve, but I think I have game :)

    Was a good fight, finally got one of my firetail gangs beaten, so I r happy.

  • TheCrazyCrankle says:

    Nice, sadly I missed it.

  • mitchmatch44 says:

    haha all those firetails and losses total were just over 500mill

  • Juppavideos says:

    Another awesome video dude. P>S for anyone who dose not know know mangala solaris is just another name for richest man in EVE.

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