Yogscast – Final Fantasy 14 Review 1: Character Creation and Starting Area 1

In which our heroes explore the wonderful character creation screen and first starting area, called Limsa Lominska or something. An in-depth look at the SquareEnix’s highly anticipated new MMO, as Lewis creates a fisherman and endeavours to play through the game. Since it’s basically pointless playing multiplayer in this game, and since the game won’t install (or probably even run) on Simon’s computer, he watches through the footage afterwards, and the pair discuss their experiences.

25 Responses to “Yogscast – Final Fantasy 14 Review 1: Character Creation and Starting Area 1”

  • epicblindkid says:

    the one who gets kidnapped and btw a dude wakes you up for work

  • akimbosam says:

    How the fuck does a flint-lock pistol fire 5 shots?!?!?!?

  • TTRyanBurch says:

    i loved 13 <3

  • TheRealLink0121 says:

    yeah think the one that wakes u up at the start

  • epicblindkid says:


  • epicblindkid says:

    anything is better than the angsty bitch cloud… exceot tidus TIDUS SUCKS! 6 was good

  • OggeDJ says:

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  • Jarkgosu says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Thehuntmaster thanks for letting me know how much of a rip off this game is, I was considering getting it but cut scenes chewing up your play time that you pay monthly for ain’t gonna float many boats

  • PandaBearjerkface69 says:

    oh …..my…..god…..

  • MidnightThief15 says:

    I have a feeling it would take me close to an hour to create my character. And by then I wouldn’t be in the mood to even play. -_-

    I have to say though, that little child with facial hair is giving me the creeps.

  • TheRealLink0121 says:

    that character looks like the little girl of zelda twilight princess 

  • jman mila says:

    wow werst 11min and 34 sec of my life

  • ferera wei says:

    for me top 3 ff
    FF8 have a good character desing,music and grapich…but sometimes become boring.. the battle are too easy..to much love scene.. uselesh scene..draw magic sucks.. all character dosen’t have their own special ability(except limit break)..and the world design suck unlike FF9…money not worth it… the weapon system are insane just incrase less 50 ..and if we speak to random NPC the SeeD rangk will go DOWN!!

  • jelik1000 says:

    those short little parts here and there where they let you walk around? that’s where they were too lazy to make more cutscene’s.

  • Silver Dragon says:

    Final Fantasy Beta Version……….*looks at the date uploaded*

  • RodmanIsASadPanda says:


  • Grandgoomba25 says:

    correction, the last good final fantasy game was Final Fantasy X(10)

  • LTdrumma says:

    true, FF7 is on all greatest game lists only because it was such a revolutionary thing at the time and when FF9 came out it was just another FF but its way better period and way harder and longer to beat. definately my favorite of all ffs altho i really like the online ones

  • robert svensson says:

    193 people are toddlers

  • itsadam95 says:

    this is weirdly nostalgic…

  • Mine Xephos says:

    @BlueXephos This is a great ‘SPOILER” but im used to spoilers and good news i get to know what to do Thanks im still in final fantasy 13 part 1 still thanks yogscast very much

  • themoomaster787 says:

    who else wants to beat the crap out of whoever decided to remove the ATB system?

  • reflexmatrix says:

    ‘We both know the last good final fantasy was 7′ ….fucking idiots.

  • Thehuntmaster89 says:

    It’s almost like they said hey lets make a totally different mmo from anything else out there, except instead of being innovative(like say, archeage) were gonna take everything that works fine in current mmos and make it as slow and unintuitive as possible, then were gonna intentionally throttle leveling and pad content with pointless cutscenes and loading times so it takes forever to do anything since we’re charging a monthly fee to play, it says Final Fantasy on the box so people will buy it.

  • Wolveria says:

    Ah you guys are the best. <3

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