Xylander’s Ultimate Guide to Transversal Velocity (HD)

This is my short instructional guide on how to shoot straight for EVE online! This guide teaches pilots how to manually target and hit fast moving targets accurately without the assistance of tracking modules. Enjoy :) The fit for this exact ship is located here: eve.battleclinic.com Pt. 2 Will be a demo on application of the above in various settings (coming real soon!)

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40 Responses to “Xylander’s Ultimate Guide to Transversal Velocity (HD)”

  • christo2387 says:

    This helped heaps in taking down those pesky close orbiting frigates in a battlecruiser, thank you!

  • bbroegger says:

    Best explanation ive seen so far.. thanks babe

  • Nic0daemus says:

    @DrugOfTheNation Yes and no. Your damage received is increased – but primarily only for your target. In a mission, you have to remember there are alot of targets – each with different directions and positions. You’ll find that if you reduce transversal for one, you may increase it for others.

    Of course, there are cases where this isn’t necessarily true, such as when you approach a group from long range.

  • GuyGordon77 says:


    Ideally, you do want to match speed as well if your goal is to land perfect hits often. Just keep in mind, like others have posted, that lowering transversal will also make it easier for the enemy to hit you in return. If you need to not get hit, you reverse this equation and you increase the transversal by flying close and in perpendicular lines to the path of the target. Again, speed differential will amplify the effect.

  • GuyGordon77 says:


    Yep. That’s why I have an AB. You can use that for more speed and slow down if you need to. Still, you’ll find that you usually don’t have to worry about speed so long as the target is >5-10km away and/or the speed differences aren’t extreme. I.E.: You’re not trying to hit a vagabond going 4k m/s orbiting you at 10km. For PvE missions, I would say speed is practically a non-issue.

  • GuyGordon77 says:


    I vote you make an angular velocity guide. I bet it goes very similarly like mine does. The way you reduce angular velocity is very similar.

  • GuyGordon77 says:


    There’s not a L4 mission in this game that can break my Kronos’ tank before I kill everything on the grid. Of course tank is important, but when you’re in a BS, it’s all about putting rounds on target. A BS -should- have a near impenetrable tank anyway, so why not kill things fast too?

  • Fredfredbug4 says:

    Does this work against targets that are faster and or slower than you?

  • DrugOfTheNation says:

    Great video. However I assume your damage received increased as well when you reached a lower transversal?

  • quantum557 says:

    1. TE’s are used for the optimal range bonus in pve.
    2. Reducing Transversal also alows the rats to hit you harder. so if you cant tank GL.

  • Nic0daemus says:

    @KermodeBear I believe that if people understand the concept beyond “get this number lower than that number”, they can make more use of it in higher-intensity situations (such as PvP).

    Still, if you had the time to throw together an Angular Velocity guide, I’d be all for it. Transversal is a great intro, but more people need to know about radians. They are the way of the future.

  • Nic0daemus says:

    @KermodeBear Angular velocity is great stuff. But, like the OP mentions, it’s probably not the best way to introduce people to how to manage their tracking – many people don’t know about or are not comfortable with radians. Additionally, angular velocity is a bit harder to explain than transversal velocity.

    The idea remains the same – bring that number down as low as possible. Transversal velocity is a great way to explain this without having to introduce a new concept.

  • jptalisman says:

    This is fantastic advice, as someone who mostly uses missiles I hate having to deal with tracking and tended to stack the hell out of tracking mods, but this’ll make me much more confident, and I daresay effective, with a gunship. Such a simple tactic too, I was readying myself for an uber-leet flying skillz course, but this should be an essential basic lesson for any new pilot.

  • darkfall13 says:

    @KermodeBear I agree, I’m not sure why people don’t use it more often, less up in the air “i guess it’s low enough” stuff, you can just outright see yup, angular is lower than guns–FIRE!

  • GuyGordon77 says:

    I honestly can’t think of an easier way to shoot something. Double click under it and you’re always on the ball. PvP is a bit different and requires more adjustments, but the same still applies. Unlike NPCs, you sometimes have to adjust your speed to compensate for the perfect transversal. That’s why I use an AB or MWD on my BSs

  • GuyGordon77 says:

    That’s the log window available from the accessories tab

  • GuyGordon77 says:


    I agree, that angular velocity is beneficial. I have a friend who will post here in reply shortly who almost has his PhD in computer science to amplify about this topic. I use transversal because it is very simple and provides an excellent, very easy to understand measure of motion. As noted in my video, I am trying to bring that down to 0. If transversal is under 50, almost any ship can hit any other ship. Now, I am bringing this to under 10 in this video with 2 mouse clicks

  • Grundalizer says:

    dude you just blew my mind. this is AWESOME!!!

    How did you get that DPS window?

  • KermodeBear says:

    It is much better to use Angular Velocity on your overview instead of Transversal velocity. Angular Velocity is measured in radians, which is the exact same unit that guns use for tracking. If you know your tracking speed then you can see exactly how well you are tracking a target. If your tracking is .3 radians, and a target’s Angular Velocity is .3 or lower, you’re tracking perfectly. Good video otherwise, nubbins will find it very helpful.

  • GuyGordon77 says:

    I’ve been in null since 2004… And like others on Battleclinic have posted, this method is simple, quick and adds around 40% to your DPS… even without tracking enhancers in PvP. 40% increase in DPS over a ship with tracking enhancers on multiple slots and stationary. This method I am outlining here is a what separates the winners from the losers in PvP

  • Pianoguy32 says:

    its easy enough in carebear heaven but when you have to motor about a battlefield, tracking becomes an art form.

  • GuyGordon77 says:

    Now, let me say one thing here. Sometimes Tracking Enhancers are beneficial. I am only doing this to prove a point really. A person doesn’t NEED tracking enhancing modules in order to hit things… as I show here. However, to hit smaller, faster moving targets, it is sometimes beneficial to use them to compensate. My normal Kronos fit uses one… but it is more often loaded with an optimal range script so I can shoot Void ammo out to around 40km.

  • subbss says:

    Thanks, I never knew what to do with transversal velocity.

  • nittss says:

    @lulxors1235 LOL

  • cn324 says:

    Thanks! Always nice to see people taking the time to make good guides for EVE.

  • treesarehere says:


  • SCjake333 says:

    I was thinking this was a guide to trading, being a rich fatass business cunt, I expected more.

  • velvetarsenal says:

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  • Zemnexx says:

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  • Zemnexx says:

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  • dulapre94 says:

    Why do you talk like you’re explaining the game to retards?

  • ixonixas says:

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  • tedsletinator5 says:

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  • davidhi79 says:

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