X3: Terran Conflict – Tutorial


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50 Responses to “X3: Terran Conflict – Tutorial”

  • firefoxer666 says:

    @Xemptuous I would be totally fine with a this complicated game, as long as it has a decent set of ingame tutorials. When I started yesterday, It took me 10 minutes to dock at the station in the system, and once there, I had no idea how to buy stuff, get quests etc. Give me a game where every key on my keyboard is bound to something, as long as I don’t have to search through the controls menu to find out what they’re for.

  • irkekler123 says:

    i just got the game from the store cuz a friend adviced me to buy it. I am trying to figure out how this crap shit works.. Im already getting bored and it was a waste of money damnit… never ever will i buy a game fromt his company again

  • ryderxf says:

    @Airforce9999 i know its late but i just want to tell you that there wont be any new X

  • MacGyverinSpace says:

    I could play X btf, but eventually got bored, could not get into X3 reunion and Terran conflict, but they gave me Albion Prelude free as part of X superbox and I started it up as an Argon Peacemaker and I’ve had fun just playing shit up like in space sims of days past.

    P.S. Dear Egosoft, learn to Lipssync holy Crap!

  • halflifeproductionz says:

    i seriously can’t play this game. 

  • Zalkein says:

    @millakilla199 Fucking tell me about it! Ive been trying to get the hang of it for a while and I STILL dont have any clue about trading. So now im on here looking for tutorials. I swear they make the game like you just randomly are that person. I dont mind a bit of a broken fourth wall when it lets me understand what the hell is going on!

  • E2otic says:

    this game it Hard to play

  • millakilla199 says:

    A game being hard by not teaching its players how to play is not “challenging.” That’s fake difficulty, like Resident Evil 4′s tank controls or Super Mario Kart’s “Rubber Band” racing. This game NEEDS a player-guiding tutorial. EVE is just as complex as this game, give or take, and its tutorial made me feel much more comfortable exploring the universe within 2 hours of starting my character. Hell, the only reason why I’m able to do anything at all in x3 is because of its similarity to EVE.

  • lucyandnyuuatonce says:

    Fuck me, I’m going to have to delve into my steam folders to find the fucking manual for this thing, sounds great once you get going.

  • TheVanGastel says:

    So i see some movies screen shots yah great game i think. I buy it and then install it. Afther that run it see the epic story line and then iam in space sitting in a ship no idea wtf i need to do and thats it? you call that a game without any tut? o come on even a noob game got instruction now iam here to hope some on can help me te first stap. Its a game if i want to read a book a buy A BOOK. Not a game. so for the love of god add a damn tut next time in there games.

  • LgndryThndr says:


    Same reason why any one who is actually in the airforce would rage if a flight simulator had Press ” X ” to activate TWS radar mode and Master arm on.

    This game isn’t for everyone, I STILL DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM DOING.

    But who am I to force my fun on everyone else?

  • justin505k says:

    @amerikaner101 same thing with me, idk wtf im doing

  • amerikaner101 says:

    so… basicly all you do is command ships and fly aorund to see the universe and that is it?
    no ship building?? no faction wars? WTF when i got the game i started it and no tutorial on how to play the basics and this tut rather dosent help or dosent tell me how to have fun with this game if i wanted To see space and and fucking mindly float around it for hours i would go on the nasa channel on my tv this game sucks

  • d0z3rr says:


  • Xemptuous says:

    @Airforce9999 Making it easier is going to without a doubt limit you in the things you can do in the game. The reason X3 was so complicated was because you could do ANTHING. Hell you could make a starship and custom loadout everything about it. If they simplify that, they are taking options away. I hope they keep the same difficulty ramp.

  • Airforce9999 says:

    @Xemptuous Have you even seen the new game on ign? It’s pretty detailed that its gonna be ALOT easier.

  • Xemptuous says:

    @Airforce9999 X3 is the most successful realistic space simulator and pretty much the only one, so why change something that’s working? It’s best not to change anything because you might lose an audience that you had, but might not attract as big an audience because X3 isnt famous.

  • nightbreed32 says:

    Very nice job !!

    How ever where it the video for the #cafe firewall hacking solution??

  • dezontk101 says:

    @Vamphaery Touche sir. Touche.

  • Vamphaery says:

    @dezontk101 Yeah, that would be nice, too. But in the meantime… there is X3 :P .

  • dezontk101 says:

    @Vamphaery You want a girlfriend.

  • Airforce9999 says:

    @Pallepop909 They do have an amazing game. But, Companies don’t sit back and say Oh well, we don’t want more money….

    That’s why they HAVE simplified it by 10 times, And that’s why the next X game, Will most likely be even EASIER. Because they are forced to go where the market is, and most of the kid’s are still calling WoW hard where they basically hand you amazing item’s for common sense.

  • Pallepop909 says:

    @Airforce9999 they got a pretty solid game .. why change that just to make more money ? it takes a while to gett use to yes .. but that doesent mean its done wrong

  • Airforce9999 says:

    Think this game would be much more fun, and actually sell more if they just simplified the controls instead of muddling them up in their own little setup. I can see these controls working in the 90′s because of the fact no one really knew which direction to go – but for a newerly released game – it’s just bad management. It has such a limited audience and refuses to go the route of getting more customers. It’s more difficult then friggin EvE.

  • VRCkid11 says:

    @Pvjinflight Yeah found that out, thanks!

  • annabellalawrence12 says:

    What Controller do you use normally is it the nuchuck?

  • mkwrockers0099 says:

    @MissWhoreMKW It’s funny because it usally happens in large karts, But you were in the mini beast!!

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    @mkwrockers0099 ROFL … lol that keeps happening to me lately xD LOL

  • mkwrockers0099 says:

    lol, You drove over that King Boo guy at 6:31

  • NinJollyPwns says:

    Pivk GCN waluigi stadium more

  • NinJollyPwns says:

    @MissWhoreMKW We need to meet up wen u go on next pick a date and an EST time and i will go on =)

  • NinJollyPwns says:

    @MissWhoreMKW Hehe

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    @NinJollyPwns lol we wanted to bother people in the ww xD we knew we were going to get disconnected xD …but even if you try to catch up…after waiting for some time you will eventually get dc :(

  • NinJollyPwns says:

    I did that intro, tried to catch up after lap 1 and got disconnected!

  • ComedyBubbles314 says:

    OMG U effin NOOB! OMG!! haha funniest part

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    @lilylikesmushrooms TRY IT IS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

  • lilylikesmushrooms says:

    0.45 :)
    Lol I might try that!

  • MomoNici says:

    Do want x’D

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    lol cuando tenga espacio xd

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    of course hommie xd

  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    I know we were dying of laughter in the call xd

  • gssaggu1 says:


  • gkucosi says:


  • MomoNici says:

    Messing up WW’s is fun, huh? :P 

  • Mature says:

    OI! cuando me va sa agregar de una wena ves!!! :O( Besitos :D lolololol

  • Mature says:


  • MissWhoreMKW says:

    >:D thats how we do it in the world of hackers >:D

  • Mature says:


  • grandhustle305 says:

    yoo sup this shotta xD
    lol i failed at stadium
    and the clan tag is not EE
    its ξζ◎ xD
    at 1st i was like this someone steal my name? o.O


    OMGSH… ! :O Can u add me in it ? :D I would LOVE being in your WWs & I’ll be moar active ! :D

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