WW2 Online Battleground Europe Allied vs Axis

Some footage of my 2 week free trial in WW2Online Battleground Europe. Most of the footage has been speed up. Allied footage: Paratrooper, Stuart, Crusader Axis footage: Anti-tank gun, Pz4, Sapper, Anti-Air gun, He 111 bomber Songs: Sabaton – Primo Victoria Sabaton – Ghost Division

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • bovb902 says:

    i always go for bombing runs during night ;)

  • qazwsxedcrfvt1234567 says:

    thay updated the game Graphics.

  • Kenshiroit says:

    I know about arma2 and the zmod. They are soon to be mine.

  • FunnyLooking77 says:

    if you enjoy this game, youll enjoy arma2 multiplayer much much better

  • Kenshiroit says:

    Dude are u smoking? this game is the shit! You talk about run and jump. go and buy a kanguru instead. Graphics? thats for sissies. This game rock the shit out of a stone. In many years I havent been able to find a game that even get close to this. Transport ship, destroyers, patrolboats, trucks, howlers, artillery, tanks, infantry, mortars, AAA, fighters, bombers, transportplanes, factories? isnt that enough for ya? please go and play pacman instead.

  • EMERALDanimations says:


  • 2RayneR7 says:

    I am studying with a guy that has worked on this game … just found out :D

  • FunnyLooking77 says:

    if you like waiting for your taget, youll like this game… its alot like duck hunting… except the ducks are people….other than that…. its very boring and they wont fix the bugs or introduce a more arcade feeling to it…they actually think this is real… yet im not able to jump or exit a vehical, such as a tank like in real life matters. the opel driver is by far the worst thing, he gains nothing. its complete crap

  • FunnyLooking77 says:

    dont waste your time on this game people, ive been playing it off and on since 2000… sometimes membership, sometimes not. the game is just aweful. you cant jump, the people run like they are made of cardboard, the rifleman you start with is slow shooting, i didnt notice major blood or brains being splattered, there’s no repair or no medic’s….you get shot, you lye there just dying. you cant do nothing. what’s the god damn point in that? just gimmie me a 10 second respawn,

  • TechnicalJaguar says:

    Ah, good news.

  • couchpatatoe51 says:

    Luckily WW2 Online is free now. Its been getting really popular on 4chan /v/.

  • EugenSmith says:

    even faster, with lots of cofee!

  • Sharkey3331 says:

    Great music meh game

  • B20C0 says:

    I like the fact that noobs are not able to use cool stuff until they advance in rank.
    I hate level 5 idiots taking tanks and aircraft in BF3 just to crash into ground.

  • SSDawg069 says:

    Heroes and Generals to come out , IF you like this game i will be trying it.

  • Usernamesarebunk420 says:

    And yes the music made me like and watch the whole thing…. not the game. Fitting that sapper running to that music… almost in beat with his ugly arms…

  • Usernamesarebunk420 says:

    Grade A music….Grade F game, buy Arma 2 or something and mod the shit out of it, about the same percentage of palyers last I tried this game aswell lol and it dosen’t hurt the eyes as much seraching for pixels, atleast in arma it’s slightly less eye hurting…

  • TheLinkinFest says:

    Well you should unplug your headphones from your ipod and listen to the music in the video.

  • domrevan says:

    gay music makes the video crap!

  • walmartian says:

    the defalut noob rifleman kit was actually a pro choice so was the 20mm AA and armored car wich all were free play kits, especially if your a lonewolf like me u should be spawning expendable rank 1 kits. the only reason i would make a new account every 2 weeks is for the shovel which is removed after the 2 week trial, the foxhole was my best friend in the game

  • boyrichboy says:

    Nice mix! :D 3:42 S! 16id!

  • weasel75 says:

    That is a cheap approach ;)
    However, you will loose all your ranks – so one would never get access the cool equipment (aircrafts, tanks, etc).

  • weasel75 says:

    Well, I guess the continued development, maintaining the server(s), etc. are calling for such a model – maybe the same reasons most MMORPG go for that approach too.

  • ambuser47 says:

    how do you be a para trooper

  • owedoggify says:

    its funny cause it was made in the 90s, it still looks cool,just needs some new graphics

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