Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible

Own this music: Check out the article here: Before you get too far into this… Let’s correct our error. During the search rant (around 4:00), we missed the other options below our search bar. We were doing it live like O’Reily and totally missed the “extra options” below search. However, the point still stands that you have to do more work to get the same results you would have gotten with Windows 7. In fact, when you search for say, printers, Windows 7 would suggest several things and it would categorize them. This forces you to look through each category. It’s a major step backwards.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

24 Responses to “Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible”

  • iman9100 says:

    You uninstalled the “music” app at the beginning by right clicking. Can you not do the same thing for all the other programs?

  • clowntrooper61 says:

    i dont like the new start menu it’s too cramed together 00:29

  • Rivalhopeso says:

    a lot of this seems annoying for a desktop but for something like the dell xps 12 i assume it wouldn’t be too bad right?

  • Faust013 says:

    Who cares about privacy, gah.. What, are you a drug dealer? It’s not a big deal!

  • JoelB3783 says:

    GO home Windows. You’re drunk.

  • 00MrPanda00 says:

    Total invasion of privacy. Just another way to put a label on us without us realizing.

  • Knut Mikson says:

    about the control panel stuff, I was wondering couldnt you just make a panel for it lol ?
    and make a panel for printer settings or whichever other ones you use ? and then you could just group it to the side :)

  • BlueMonkeyGamer555 says:

    i think windows 8 is good if u have a touch screen but if you dont its good but harder to use :(

  • TheSubyboy says:

    For start button google classic shel and download it

  • jaded12u says:

    I have been running Windows 8 to learn it for work. I have mixed feelings on it as well. The start panel looks very sleek and the live apps are almost neat if they didn’t have to open up full screen or a very small percentage.

    I find 8 runs slower on my machine than 7 did and it boots slower than I remember Vista booting. It definitely boots slower than 7.

    My primary monitor is on the right and I don’t have problems accessing the start screen at all. I use the windows key… so much faster.

  • archangel1996j says:

    I also thought that windows 8 would be shit but after using it for few days its better cleaner smoother and faster .. so stop bitching about it

  • ImZoiaa says:

    Buy…. PSH Pirate it… :)

  • Brady DeRousse says:

    Windows 8 should have never been made for desktops…. Windows 8 was mainly designed to be used to keep up with the mobile market in terms of tablets and phones. What’s sad is that it’s being installed on the new desktops and laptops when windows 7 is still a whole lot better. The only reason why I use windows 7 is because ubuntu doesn’t have a wide selection of games. As soon as steam is fully released for ubuntu I’m going to uninstall windows from all of my machines and install ubuntu.

  • ThatEpicGamer1 says:

    hey how did you get on the internet? Shouldn’t you be in bully 2?

  • MisterBlisterzXD says:

    windows 8 was made for the gay ass motherfucking phone thing

  • dkzgamingchannel2 says:

    Good luck finding it. 8 is ok.

  • Jimmy Hopkins says:

    Oh yea, see ya once my game comes out

  • OfficialGiovaniD says:

    hey how did you get on the internet? Shouldn’t you be in bully 2?

  • Jimmy Hopkins says:

    So…should I just buy Windows 7 instead?

  • riotguards says:

    windows 8 is a touchscreen operating system with a tacked on desktop operating system

    nobody would complain if they removed the mandatory metro system that they force on you

  • coastal52 says:

    Now my next rant… This OS is not “designed” for touch screens. It’s designed to allow a full version of Win8 to be used on the new tablets and hybrid tablet/laptops. It is no more difficult to use with a mouse or touchpad than any other MS OS. The metro start screen can be customized any way you want it, unlike the old start menu. If like me, you have little interest in mobile apps, uninstall the fucking things and set up the start screen the way you want it. How fucking hard is this??

  • coastal52 says:

    If I hear the word un-intuitive one more time I’m going to fucking puke! The only reason Win7 is “intuitive” to you dolts is because you’re used to it. The start menu that you’re used to is what’s “un-intuitive”. Who the hell actually used it? Did you really wade through all of those ridiculous folders to start a program?? Of course, not. You pinned frequently used programs to the task bar and used the search function to open others… the exact same thing you do in Win8.

  • theredplumber says:

    I didn’t even read the comments till now

  • clipophile says:

    Ok, sorry to spam. One more thought…

    It looks like Microsoft is *trying* to split the market into desktop vs touch.

    Isn’t supporting two paradigms the hell tangle they were trying to get OUT of with FAT vs NTFS and the NT based OS versus the DOS shell OS?

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