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Who Told You That with Kermeshea Evans. A review of Frenemies A examination of modern cliche’s and how they impact our daily lives. Video segments created to provide a varied viewpoint as well as encouragement to live a better life. Website: www.kermesheaevans.com Online Community/Blog: www.kermesheaevans.ning.com Email: wtyt@kermesheaevans.com

1080p HD trailer for Parasite Eve 3 3rd Birthday from E3 2010

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • tamrod20 says:

    Great message! Sometimes you have to separate your life from your “frenemies” in order to grow. Looking forward to the next video.

  • flight247films says:

    This is awesome can’t wait to see more!

  • TheDonSlay says:

    eu joguei e dei final ficou muito bom o jogo

  • khainguyen98 says:

    @Bakougannoaishi maybe the game wont always be this action paced. trailers tend to over exaggerate things.

  • Wiseman108 says:

    Um, this isn’t even a FPS game, so I don’t know what all the melodrama is about. It’s a third person survival type game from the looks of it. It’s still disappointing that they changed the gameplay though, I really liked the RPG-Shooter style the first 2 had.

  • etherraichu says:

    @napalmman420 Id be glad to. They just shouldnt have made a parasite eve game where yo udont play as Aya.

  • etherraichu says:

    @HaleyTheSeer She looked better in the first game honestly. Its like in 2 they couldnt decide on her face. Whereas in the original she was kinda in that “This looks neat but we’re still not great at CG people” state, like final fantasy 7, Parasite Eve 2 shifted into Uncanny Valley territory.

  • etherraichu says:

    I just want another parasite eve game where you get to actually play as Aya Brea.

  • AshleyTheWolf259 says:

    A Mix Between Final Fantesy & Resident Evil? XD

  • tres367 says:

    @HaleyTheSeer oh, hihi, thanks.. i’ve only played The 3rd Bithday, so. cool game!

  • destrian says:

    Parasite Eve as a franchise needs to be revived and done over on the New generation consoles. Its too great a game to have been forgotten the way it was. It could be an awesome game. It could (IMHO) give the Resident Evil franchise a lil run for its money because of its more scientific-ish storyline. A retelling and well cast regraphic part 1 would be in order for Xbox 360/720 and PS3/PS4

  • HaleyTheSeer says:

    @SkyHiro07 Aya, not really hot, your forgetting some people don’t go by looks in a game. Unless you think with your pants

  • HaleyTheSeer says:

    @tres367 Parasite Eve

  • HaleyTheSeer says:

    @napalmman420 Thank you, I bought the game a month ago, yet I didn’t play it because I was busy, trying demo’s I haven’t decided which game I would like to buy, when I opened the game up, I found alternate costume for lightning,and a insturction manual, and the game and all, when I played the game, it wasn’t all that bad, yes the story line is a LITTLE CONFUSING, that’s all , the gameplay itself isn’t that bad, Fan of PE or not, this game should be considered to be a decent one.

  • napalmman420 says:

    I ahte all of you. shut the fuck up and ether enjoy he game or don’t bother playing it. Godforbid a game company tries something different and attempt to make a game evolve instead of going back to an engine that is over a decade old.

  • blahsan13 says:

    personally i dont mind the 3PS aspect. i do agree with the fact that it would have been nice to add some RPG elememts concidering thats what made parasite eve good in the first place.. the only thing i think really ruined the game was the stupid story and charictarization. (which i wont spoil but in my opinion was quite dissipointing especially the end) if anything the only truely familiar parts in it is aya brea and even her charictarization was totaly ruined.

  • Gameathoner says:

    @BreastsInspector That’s just like, your opinion, man

  • atorayadragon says:

    Why Square Enix why u want to be hated like EA.

  • atorayadragon says:

    Why Square Enix is not looking for why ppl hate RE4/RE5.
    the reason is cuz they turned the game to first person shooter.

  • sakuravs says:

    FPS genre generally sucks ass and is intended for brain-dead gamers only. (Gamers with a brain would play Starcraft 2 instead). But anyway, I think Square Enix’s real intention is just to use this game as a small, experimental engine for the upcoming epicness on the PSP known as “Final Fantasy Type-0″.

  • mike2005gto says:

    this game is 3rd person but an over the shoulder view like RE4 good game but i would like to see a console parasite eve game but in the format of the first two they were epic games

  • rudorot65 says:

    The plot of this game is way weirder than the first two im not spoiling it but O_o

  • lawofthesaw says:

    @BreastsInspector I wouldn’t necessarily say the genre of fps is boring although it’s easy to assume with games like halo, cod, etc., but so long as the game has a good story structure its usually good for me.

  • tommaspawn says:

    QQ…no one ever thumps up my comments.

  • DXFan619Revisited says:

    FPS or not, this game sucks regardless. I’d delve into why, but I’d be spoiling.

  • KlonoaPS01 says:

    all these people complaining about FPS… from what I can see, it’s a “Third Person Shooter”. Just goes to show who the arrogant bastards are.

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