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25 Responses to “Watch TV Online – Time To Cancel Your Cable”

  • Nnedix says:

    I love this song! Man,you guys really need to listen to the whole album. This whole album is awesome.

  • Sambrana14 says:

    hahah. 69 dislikes

  • yourilohuis says:

    LOVE this track!

  • ThePablunchiju says:


  • ThePablunchiju says:

    Haters gonna hatmd

  • Ethan Zundell says:

    Wowsers!!! :D

  • alkr3w says:

    Eve makes this track even better
    Wolfgang Kills it

  • dtovar3251 says:

    i remember this droppin at EDC LV last year ;D

  • GABEISKING says:

    Arguin on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics…even if you win, you’re still retarded

  • ricekrispyplayer says:

    anyone have the weekend in america song

  • yourilohuis says:

    Lol… no

  • Julie Yango says:

    yes i am dancing my ass off right now !

  • Cakeries says:

    I love how the synth mimics the vocals in the chorus… around the world (wah wah wah wah wah wah wah)

  • 92elemental says:

    Why do people use their music taste as an argument? Music taste is subjective, trying to argue is just stupid. STFU and just listen.

  • turdnouget says:

    great dubstep here

  • ellyxkills says:

    Amen. It’s not like anyone cares about what the hell they’re “arguing” about. Enjoy the music!

  • elleobermeyer says:

    It sounds like theres an Enderman in it. Great song. :)

  • MichaelSavage0 says:

    its a fucking song right? listen to it and like it.. stfu…

  • radrider82 says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!!  deadmau5, Wolfgant Gartner…this is talent!! Dance with heart…

  • mathibaleb says:

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  • GonzoIsBlowed says:

    man, these people below me really need to calm down

  • pglAymer says:

    Seriously.. you don’t know what you’re talking about. Producers make music, DJs play music. Sure, a DJ isn’t limited to just turntables, but that’s the main idea to it. The reason movie soundtrack producers don’t do live events is because their music was made for the movie (although they could if they wanted to). Producers play their own tracks live (like deadmau5). There are a million things a producer will do live, while DJs mix other people’s work with turntables and a switch fader.

  • SFhelper says:

    rofl who even still thinks DJ’s are limited to using discs? producers don’t do live events, you don’t see jack lenz or any other movie soundtrack producer doing live events… really you’re playing with semantics. the only time i’ve seen a real noticeable producer go live was jdilla (a real producer) with slum village, and even then, it was really to look like a group, he sat there adjusting sound levels while the other dudes rapped… is it necessary for him to be there?

  • pglAymer says:

    Oh! Now it’s time for me to quote you! “they’re are dj’s” while you said earlier “you just don’t know anything about music, SPELLING or what “chill” music is”. Anyways, deadmau5 IS a producer who does live events, so does Daft Punk. They don’t use discs (vinyls) as the name “Disc Jockey” would suggest, because they are producers, as for what they do? They use knobs to edit sound, and a ton of other equipment to do lots with their sound. Who did you say knows less about deadmau5?

  • SFhelper says:

    you contemplated the idea that all his songs sound the same, and do not deny it, you just disregard that i see it that way. if you weren’t a rabid fanboy, you wouldn’t be defending a pretentious jewish dude who is really not as good as he thinks he is.

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