Update – Diablo III Launch, 3DoG, Eve Online, Tutorials, etc.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuu This is the third time I’ve attempted uploading this. So this is a suck description. BLOGGITY BLOG – vulgamery.blogspot.com

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6 Responses to “Update – Diablo III Launch, 3DoG, Eve Online, Tutorials, etc.”

  • mellysauce says:

    That good, ay? cool beans. I’m definitely going to check it out in the near future =]

  • JonnyPew says:

    I’ve actually never subscribed to any other mmo. Too focused on EVE.

  • mellysauce says:

    i do enjoy me some space sci-fi. =D the story from their little like two minute trailer on their download/trial site (about how every action effects everyone thing and the alliances and such) reminded me of Firefly, if you have any idea what that is, which i’d hope so if you enjoy space sci-fi lol, but yeah it made me really want to play it. what other mmos have you played if you don’t mind me asking?

  • JonnyPew says:

    EVE Online is the only mmo I currently play. If you at all enjoy space sci-fi, then you might find it quite enjoyable. been subscribed to eve for 2+ years now


  • mellysauce says:

    aww ty & that’s no fun =[ the game tells me mine isn’t up to the game’s standards, but i’ve never had a problem running it smoothly. blizzard released a statement that you should be able to run the game (albeit on the lowest settings most of the time) if you’ve bought your computer in the last few years. but if yours is being kind of screwy, thats no fun. =/ i don’t know your situation, but if it would be an option, there are a lot of really good ones you can find online for relatively cheap?

  • valvelessalarm says:

    I would love to play Diablo 3 but sadly my video card has been getting kinda of screwy lately, have fun (:

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