Underdog – Solo PvP Movie (Eve Online) Rupture

Hello everyone. This movie includes all the good fights I’ve had since making the last video Hunter Hunted, to which this is a direct sequel, making it the 3rd episode of The Hunt saga :-) of course everything shown is post-Inferno. Fights include, in the following order: Rupture vs Speipnir/Harbinger Rupture vs Hurricane Rupture vs Myrmidon Rupture vs Cynabal Rupture vs Curse/Myrmidon Rupture vs Broadsword/Pilgrim/Stabber Rupture vs Maelstrom Rupture vs Falcon/Pilgrim/Pilgrim/Manticore About 400mil of Ruptures were destroyed during the making of this movie. Taking out over 3bil of ships along with it to the murky depths, all which you are about to see. Intensity of the fights increases as the video progresses, and peaks at the last fight versus the Falcon and two Pilgrims, which is by far the most satisfying fight I’ve ever had with the Rupture thus far. Full solo. No links, no alts, no special implants (only PG/CPU), no faction gear, no fear. Sentries are my gang mates. Direct download link (MKV 600mb): dl.eve-files.com Forum thread of the video: forums.eveonline.com A strong emphasis on lowsec solo, in the form of trying to separate pirate gangs, and get pilots to take GCC against you as much as possible. Cheap fitting suggestions (all the passive mods are showing always), my first video was about the Shield Rupture, my last video was about the Active Armor Rupture… This video is about the Brick Passive Armor Rupture :-) Propless 1600 and 800 dual-plated. In between

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