Top 10 MMORPG (Read Description)

1. World of Warcraft: With 4 years under its belt and 11 million subscribers to this game. It is one of the best MMORPGs out there today. Arguably, the best recognized MMORPGs even to non gamers. I know I know, there are many players out there who have their reasons to dislike this game. But you must admit Blizzard reigned supreme over every other MMORPGS out there. Surely 11 million people cant be wrong, but then again Mr. T plays this game too. 2. Guild Wars: Guild Wars having a large community with 4.5 million players world wide is one of the top MMORPG to play. With a strong PvP system, guild battles gives players the thrive to come back for more. I love the whole Hero System which turns the game into a strategy-based game too. 3. Lord of the Rings Online: With a story already famous itself, the game takes players straight into the world told by Tolkein. It has all the elements of a MMORPG, but players actually love the questing in this game. Every two months or so players are treated to a free update for new quests (aka books) for them to take on. If you actually love the LoTRO story with a decent MMORPG element to it then this game is perfect for you. 4. Warhammer Online: The newest game to come out this year is Warhammer and it was one of the most hyped and talked about MMORPG. Warhammer is similar to WoW which is not a bad thing, but with better graphics and way better PvP (player vs player) or what they called RvR (realm vs realm) system. The main draw to this

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