The Season 3 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premiere event at the ArcLight in Hollywood

We spoke with Charlie Hunnam aka Jackson “Jax” Teller, Theo Rossi aka Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz, Ron Perlman aka Clarence “Clay” Morrow, Kim Coates aka Alex “Tig” Trager, Jamie McShane aka Cameron Hayes, and Kristen Renton aka Ima from FX’s incredible series “Sons of Anarchy” at their Season 3 event at the ArcLight theatre in Hollywood on Monday, August 30, 2010. Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 10pm.

25 Responses to “The Season 3 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premiere event at the ArcLight in Hollywood”

  • gabbeman1 says:

    Like if you’re waiting for Season 5!

  • mimi42428 says:

    well he is an actor and isnt going to be in that one character all his life lol. he is not his characters. this is charlie the person. if you want to hear jax talk go watch SOA lol

  • mimi42428 says:

    uuhhh ive seen it lol. years ago when it came out. good movie

  • mimi42428 says:

    he is english lol. he is from newcastle england. he is just a very good actor and does a great american accent but thats where it ends im afraid.HE IS A BRIT THROUGH AND THROUGH

  • BigImaginationDoll16 says:

    Charlie Hunnam is from England. I hope to God you were not being serious lol.

  • ireyidjut says:

    hahaha “jax” charlie, he’s from UK not fuckin america

  • cngove32 says:

    He wasnt born in america dumb fuck

  • bluestucco says:

    Bollocks. He’s from California, USA. Says so on his vest.

  • oisam88 says:

    he’s english, thats why

  • bluestucco says:

    Why is Jax speaking with an English accent, who does he think he is, Johnny Depp? LOL

  • rsx123 says:

    Pete WTF

  • TakinaShot says:

    One of my favorite shows on TV, Sons of Anarchy. Check out and Subscribe to my page for an upcoming Webseries that follows an MC as they take care of their community.

  • egunsal says:

    I’ve seen Green Street Hooligans but the Charlie Hunnam in GSH is nothing like the Charlie Hunnam in SOA. It’s actually pretty normal that no one noticed.

  • jaymufc69 says:

    That wasn’t a comeback….Now I kinda feel awkward for you, now that you’ve said that….Firstly I don’t have the patience to get in any form of debate (especially over YouTube) with you. Secondly, I don’t want to be stereotyping anyone here, but I don’t think you possess the mental capability to get into any sort of rant with me…Considering you didn’t check to see that I was Irish before you went assuming I was English..Now it’s awkward again…

  • tarawinters2012 says:

    SOA has been on for 5 years……why is it that a lot of ppl are just now finding out that Charlie(Jax) is british……have you never seen green street hooligans

  • Kjostvedt says:

    Bahahahaha “yanks” wow, that’s a real good comeback there.
    And what about all those pakis and muslims immigrating to “Great Britain” lololol and so much so that now London is said to only be 40%-45% White British? Ha! Yes here we have “mexicans” but at least they’re not calling for “Sharia in the UK” lol and all that other mess those paki rats are bringing with them. OH yeah and your shitty monarchy which holds no power lol. &any war we want to get into, we get you involved if we want

  • jaymufc69 says:

    That’s because you yanks are so gullible , that you buy into anything and everything. No wonder America was called the land of opportunity, you can make a mint from the worst jobs going. In a way it’s smart business, but it don’t work like that over here.

  • youmotherfucker69 says:

    lol khail from machinimas in this

  • Kjostvedt says:

    That’s only because they succeed here in America instead of being stuck in a fucking go no where career in England.

  • Sniffett says:



    weres jax from ?

  • TOGMS17 says:

    watch the show Undeclared. you will see Jax in college

  • melsarable says:

    You can tell hes britsh the way he says certain words in the SONS .BUt hes sexy as hell and sounds great no matter what he is saying.

  • jaymufc69 says:

    Yes he is British! Omg how can all your little American brains handle all this information. Do you think every actor is from a America? :0 There’s a dick load of actors from the U.K. that star in your little yank T.V. shows :0 . I know! Did you guys know Christian Bale is English too!

  • NickDiabloDiaz says:


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