The Poor Mans PvP

EvE Online solo pvp with cheap ships. by Ro Bustus

The finals of the Fanfest 2012 Dust Tournament! Please note the Tournament was held on a pre-beta client and is not necessarily representative of the final game.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 Responses to “The Poor Mans PvP”

  • ExRedux says:

    Its 4 am, that last fight I lost controllf and cheered so loud I woke my family up.

  • CrazyForCooCooPuffs says:

    that 2009 youtube quality

  • GyrosHunter says:

    Good you neuted that last pod :) 

  • MadMikeRussian says:

    i was once going to go help someone run a few missions in my arbiter and i decided to take a shortcut through low sec… and of course there was a gate camp. i made it past the main fleet by direct warp to the gate but there was a warp scram passive drake (back when passive drakes were pretty much op)… he had to call for reinforcements, lol. forget my build as it was a long time ago…

  • royoakes says:

    i wanna fit my rifter and thrasher however u did it lol

  • Zealix says:

    His name ingame is Ro Bustus, go on evekill / battleclinic and check out his losses in september/october 2009.

  • oaktubs says:

    +1 for prong

  • David Currie says:

    For all we know you had years of skills over your opponents, hard to judge what a fair fight is in eve

  • Nomoreusernames113 says:

    Minmatar is your best bet the way pvp is atm.

  • rietveen26 says:

    if I want to get into pvp soon, should I go for minmatar with the thrasher, rupture and rifter of for the gallente with the thorax and vexor?

  • KingLazerman says:

    Whats your fit, includeing rigs?

  • Antônio Barbosa says:

    nice vid ;)

  • DKPRvidya says:

    Thanks for the positive comments. I’ve gone from eve for a while but i will try to get some more good footage and make more videos. If anyone wants one of my fittings mail me in game.

  • Fulou says:

    That crow was unlucky that he didnt change his tactics sooner :) You had like, fractional cap left as he popped, two more cycles and your scram would have dropped. Impressive though, i’ll give you that :)

  • Jeff55369 says:

    and your comment gets a thumbs up.. well said. :) I really enjoyed that last fight.

  • Terenin says:

    Finally, after loads of endless, meaningless griefing-and-brag movies something of value.

    Many nice fights, especailly the one against the Cerb. However, a lesson you learned just then: DON’T ever wait out an aggro timer by a gate, you should have been jumping planets while the timer ticked down :)

    All you paid for that, was a Rupture. Fair trade. This wideo get’s another tumb’s up! :)

  • TehRacooonODoom says:

    What’s your thrasher fit? Also, lol @ the cerb pilot

  • Hanning11 says:

    whats your setup?

  • wraith1988 says:

    Very inspiring man, got my pvp blood pumping and I’m sure my CEO will be glad to hear that.

  • maynardmyboy says:

    Not only that but he took down that pod worth 30 million. YAAR!

  • 1514max says:

    Makes me want to go out a pick a fight!

  • Mike Jones says:

    Nice vid

  • BigMikeMcBastard says:

    Yeah, you can have the accuracy of a mouse, because Dust 514 supports mouse and keyboard gameplay.

  • Bournesax says:

    just say a word if u want an exclusive eve online 21 day trial.
    also im paying 100mil ISK (ingame money) if u subscribe

  • mikeymike2710 says:

    yeah, considering the fact u cant have the accuracy of a mouse. =_=

  • nabeel2k11 says:

    me being a pro fps player as in aiming your gun or realizing that theres and enemy infront of my this vid irritates me in every pssible way cant wait to play!

  • jaiwhite205 says:

    Not anymore. I couldnt stand using a keyboard really so I stopped playing them

  • o0m9 says:

    Part of it is that the people just don’t look comfortable with console controllers.

    But yeah, the PS3 supports a mouse and keyboard if that’s more your thing.

  • rjgamer90 says:

    yes it does, but i think more of the issue is that the players are not ps3 gamers, but pc.

  • Longmachao says:

    fuck yes, i have played syphon filter when i was a kid. But i’ll drop the issue since you mention syphon filter.

  • TrampyPulsar says:

    Oh god, those clunky PS3 controls are really showing.

    Isn’t this supposed to have mouse and keyboard support?

  • Longmachao says:

    What’s with people on game video and the need to signify they have a job. Everyone have job … its doesn’t make you special. Just explaining to you how aim assistance works… because obviously you never held a controller in your life.

  • tibertruth says:

    dude its in closed beta it will look better on release ^^

  • Longmachao says:

    Sound like another idiot “hardcore” PC gamer who doesn’t know what aim assistance is. It doesn’t automatically lock onto a person.. unless the reticule is very close. Even then you must be at a certain range for this to happen. The aim assistance is used to offset the jerking motion of your thumb, which causes your aim reticule to overshoot a target…nothing more. You can stop being a condescending prick and you might learn to enjoy the many benefit of a controller.

  • dread313 says:

    Nice, I like how you made good graphics into a bad thing there

  • dread313 says:

    Fuck you controller 4:23

  • jonismack1 says:

    they should really work on those textures… i mean, i know graphics aint everything but c´mon! its 2012 its not crazy to ask for defined textures and i mean not even hd, just some definition…

  • RyokenMK says:

    Do you regularly play PC FPS? I’m just curious.

  • RyokenMK says:

    Believe you me, I totally dig the utterly uninformed assumed superiority, but I just wanted to point out that the controller can act as a force multiplier on the skill! That is all :)

  • collegeboykeith says:

    @maxkinslayer well yiu dont know much, most if not all shooters let you turn it off and this game doesn’t seem to have it at all which is the case with some console shooters. what is sad is ps3 supports keyboard and mouse so please use it in this game so i can rape you with my “pussy” dual analogs. its not the controller its the skill.

  • jaiwhite205 says:

    i was thinking the same thing..

  • jaiwhite205 says:

    are you joking? KB/M fucking sucks.

  • Aaronspark7 says:

    Cant wait to see some more of this at e3

  • pownedlbpstyle says:

    I Lol’d at the amount of people that killed themselves because of fail grenade throws. And most of these people can’t even friken aim.

  • collegeboykeith says:

    Yeah but it also reduces the risk of carpal tunnel. I can play consoles all day long a keyboard though jesus I need a break every hour.

  • acahawk says:

    agree but i see it in concept of making it a masivly played game nowdays you do need to have the graphics on your side to snatch a bigger amount of players i believe that those that start playing whill not stop but you do want to toucha an a number of ppl as large as posible and basicly the better your graphics are the more ppl whill be apealed to it

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