The Molden Heathen – EVE Online Solo Frigate PVP

***** Read the description please ***** —– Disclaimer: This is a reworked version of the video, I decided to cut out some footage that wasn’t truly worth sharing. Also, the pace is rather slow compared to your standard EVE videos. I don’t have a lot of footage and I didn’t want the video to be 4 minutes long, thus the fights are running at 140% speed. You can enjoy the music now! —– Greetings! I want to present you my first EVE Online video. It consists of frigate focused solo PVP in the less secure heart of Molden Heath region. Ships used were exclusively Rifters against Rifters, with the exception of a duel between two Republic Fleet Firetails at the end. Music used was made by Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Pain of Salvation. I hope you will enjoy it, and if you do – leave me a feedback please. Constructive critism is of course more than welcome. Endra

Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 Responses to “The Molden Heathen – EVE Online Solo Frigate PVP”

  • purplehatcult says:

    Loved it

  • Spillrag says:

    Awesome to see down to earth, average joe pvp in this day and age of 100mn everything and link alts everywhere

  • ElderadUlthran says:

    That TD fit isn’t standard, that’s why I respected it lol. Thanks btw, aye, I’m trying to find a program that will work for mac and I may try to do another video. Also at the time I made that I was very dis-organized and not that good, so I’m waiting till I’m sure I can make a good vid. (first you’re watching rifter clips, then suddenly you’re seeing rupture clips, ect, and those were my only kills in that week) All I can say is less rifters more other frigs (t1 is fun tho)

  • RamblinRichard says:

    was ok, a tad boring though, I found myself just skipping to the conclusion of the fights to find out how close it was, would better if you maybe killed an interceptor in a rifter (far from hard to do) it would be a bit more entertaining.

    Your picture quality and music choice were pretty good though, so you get a +1 from me.

  • SqueezCZ says:

    Well there fight with both standard and 400mm TD fits, but I agree it’s very common to fly sense-less fits atm. BTW what a coincidence, I’ve watched your vid some time ago as well, GJ on that one too (next time better quality, I believe you know it by now).

  • ElderadUlthran says:

    +1, it was good, great job using the standard rifter fit in a world where derpmm plates have taken over.

  • SqueezCZ says:

    Hey cklm, thank you! I’ve seen your vids, the Firetail duel with Darkstar and the gang action in Cynabal looked cool I must say…

  • HMSPotatohead says:

    Nice work bro frig pvp is the way to go it is how i started to realy get into pvp check out some of my vids there are some realy wicked frig fights in there Gl out there mate

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