The MMO Underground Episode 24

Recorded 6/18/2012 Hosted by: ChaosD1 of MMO Grinder MegaGWolf of The GView TWBfromTDOB Tyger of MUD2MMO Intro Music by Kevin MacLeod of Royalty Free Music For this week’s episode, we scoff at the Old Republic free-to-play, scoff at whiners in League of Legends, scoff at Rhode Island Politicians, scoff at One Piece, and scoff at many, many more stories pertaining to MMOs. Damnable Links: Tera Free Trial Shaiya Phoenix Dragon Knights http Pockie Pirates Facebook: Twitter: Universal Monsters Online Conquer Online 3 http Divina Maestia: Rise of Keledus E-mail: Website: The MMO Underground Site Twitter: TWBfromTDOB

Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 Responses to “The MMO Underground Episode 24”

  • TWBfromTDOB1 says:

    We don’t really stream the recordings. We’ve thought about it but have yet to try it. Only difference between this and the recording though would be longer pauses and more “lemme rephrase this” by me. So more drinking game time :)

  • TWBfromTDOB1 says:

    I think it has to do with game ownership. For a movie, you are only watching, paying to view it. For a video game, you actually make the claim to ownership. And even then, some people are known to demand refunds for bad movies.

  • omegaweaponredux says:

    how is not enjoying a game = refund? i dont get a refund for terrible movies why games?

  • KingKova7 says:

    btw, why no stream?

  • KingKova7 says:

    right on, this was way quicker…will watch this tomorrow after school, thx guys

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