The fastest way to beat chess titans at level 10

This is the fastest and the best way to beat the vista windows chess game (Chess Titans) at the highest level which is level 10. It only took me 14 moves. Using this opening you will beat the computer most of the time.

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  • noluckwithgirls says:


  • elizabethpowell says:

    This actually worked for me. Thanks for that. (amaze your friends be the life of the party)

  • deaddu says:

    30 seconds to make an opening move? that’s some bad AI programming.

  • RummanRumman says:

    when you play level 10it takes a while for the computer

  • Andres37Revert says:

    Are you conscious the computer may do another movements instead of the play your showing here?

  • bl4ze20uNcEs says:

    6 minutes for 28 moves… jesus christ

  • panxxxo97 says:

    You are master.

  • mhoadleyd2t says:

    I’ve used Windows since XP and it’s never frozen. Ever. Windows works great if you’re not an idiot.

  • smartazz61 says:

    I have both systems. Windows, and Mac. I’ve had both for over four years now. I can say categorically, if you don’t want to spend any time dicken’ around with virus scans and occasionally an actual virus that pretty much ruins your afternoon, surf the net with your Mac. Four years and NOT ONE HICCUP THANK YOU! For the real popular programs, it’s Windows. Quit your bitchen’ and use both. Windows does kinda suck though you’ve got to admit. My MAC DOES NOT FREEZE. Sorry, it just doesn’t.

  • ruster1971 says:

    @thezego12 *cough* apple isn’t an operating system *cough*

  • jckulewsky says:

    You couldn’t have fast forewarded it a little bit?

  • Mathgenius21 says:

    Now I KNOW you’re a troll with your security statement, please stop feeding people your lies, get out of your parent’s basement, get a job, and get a wife.

  • thezego12 says:

    i paid 1200 and built my own and i’m running 16 gigs of ram an i7 and a raedeon 6850. now go look at the apple customize section and tell me how much it would cost. apple is also one of the least secure os’s on the market. go do some research before you spend money

  • vyle379 says:

    26 games played 8 wins and 1 draw and a 31 percent win percentage. easy huh? LOL

  • Mathgenius21 says:

    I actually payed 700 for my macbook after discounts and it runs much better than all the windows computers at my school and it looks much better than them as a plus. Regarding the operating system, It comes down to if you want customization or stability and security more.

  • mexas4life says:

    wtf can’t even beat lvl 2.

  • Cgrrp says:

    I don’t know why I would pay 2000 dollars for a laptop that has an apple on the back of it when I could pay 400 dollars for one just as good that’s compatible with almost everything.

  • Mathgenius21 says:

    Obviously you know nothing about computer Operating Systems and what the benefits of a mac is.

  • XDcomequeso says:

    And you think… “30 seconds just to move the horse?!”

  • Cgrrp says:

    enjoy your extremely overpriced computer. Unless of course you’re talking about another OS than Mac in which case I apologize.

  • rippedonchronic says:

    chess titans is pretty easy .anyone else found it just starts playing whack moves giving away pieces once you start beating it?

  • projectryan88 says:

    Droidfish is an excellent program, and is indeed very difficult to beat. But Rybka is far superior and can beat it every game. I have tied with Droidfish several times, but never a checkmate. LOL and my rating is 2200+.

  • projectryan88 says:

    You stole the words right out of my mouth. LOL. I use Rybka to play against, it is way more challenging, plus i’ve never beaten Rybka, I’ve tied with it several times, but checkmate is nearly impossible unless you play a perfect game. And even then your still probably going to draw.

  • MrPhil1912 says:

    Can you monetise this game on here? Since chess titans is your copy don’t you own the rights to that copy and what you do with it? Probably not just checking though.

  • MrPhil1912 says:

    I kickedthecrap; outta this many times! lol. Wheres level 100? lol.

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