The Eve Experience – Nexomni joins RvB (Red vs Blue)

In this video I talk about RvB (Red vs Blue) and why I joined them and how awesome it is! I talk a bit and then switch to fleet comms to show some fraps footage of last night’s Red Federation Fleet roam. Enjoy and Subscribe! RvB (Red vs Blue) Website/Forums Come join me while I chronicle Nexomni’s “Eve Experience”! Facebook Twitter Youtube Killboards

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11 Responses to “The Eve Experience – Nexomni joins RvB (Red vs Blue)”

  • packetcreeper says:

    i’m in red fed and it’s a blast (pun intended)! seriously, if you want a laid back environment and constant fights, join up. they accept anyone, with any level of skill points. if you’re new to eve, you can’t go wrong with RvB.

  • elecktr0freak says:

    Better dead than Red!

    PS – I’m in Blue Republic, and I’m a 2004 player with almost 130 million skill points. I don’t have a lot of time to play so it’s proven an easy way to get some PVP time in fast!

  • LamaPaj says:

    Nice video :D

  • TheCrazyCrankle says:

    Can you upload a full version of the first part? I very much enjoyed how that went and would like to see the other side.

    Mourning Souls

  • omega464 says:

    Great video!

  • centress21 says:

    I really hope you’re trollin, really hope. It’s a Kestrel, not a Manticore Toltekus. Just because something has the same “HULL” doesn’t make it the same ship……

    Nexomni has 450k SP(today) which is the entire point behind what he is showing. PVP for low SP chars, how to find it, get it and have fun with it.


    Do a little research before posting comments and I promise, you’ll feel less like a nub. Maybe in your case, you should just not comment at all.

  • NexomniTEE says:

    Kestrel, This is a low sp char.

  • NexomniTEE says:

    That was just filler footage while I talked a bit, after that I did. :)

  • toltekus says:

    ab manticore with scram and web? pubbies ‘pvp’ is so funny

  • Hoozraub says:

    take the purple and customs offices off your overview

  • zebulingod says:

    Red Federation, Best Federation!

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