The Daily Spencer 3/30/2011: EVE Online has weight

Today I try to describe one of the reasons why EVE is such a special game. I’m not sure I was entirely successful. What do you think? The Daily Spencer airs Monday through Friday! Follow me on Twitter! Visit The Daily Spencer blog! Subscribe to the Dead Worker’s Party channel!

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20 Responses to “The Daily Spencer 3/30/2011: EVE Online has weight”

  • Discord Draconequus says:

    Losing ship when you can’t afford it – Raeg

  • fuzzydragon says:

    love this game hope you do more videos on this one day.

  • RustyWater6 says:

    I love eve online! I’d be awesome if you made regular videos!

  • Arandomdude777 says:

    uhh… was he about to decimate that fleet?

  • freedomunrestricted says:

    u can thank otard for a +1 sub :) 

  • byggepladen says:

    you have given me a new version on eve, i did play for a long time, but i found i miss rewards, but i guess i did not take that many chanses, i got to the part were you stop mineing and start doing missions, but maybe finding some guys on my own level and then PvP once in a while would be a good thing for the missions was were repedative(also that i had no one to play with maybe one of the reasons that i stoped). 

  • slaymithos says:

    Eve, the only mmo I pay even when I don’t have time to play it…

    You have so much possibilities, so much freedom, and yet it doesn’t feel like a mess.

    The part for death penalties feels a little too high to me, but it is far better than the ‘no penalties’ in most games to me, so that’s good.

  • TheBlindedLeader says:

    No idea whats happening in this video

  • spacemonster505 says:

    Ill watch a eve centric show

  • CommanderHagenMC says:

    yeah finally a show by dead workers party for eve

  • CommanderHagenMC says:

    i like it its fun but if you dont start to prosper you get board with poverty

  • GreenKab says:

    EVE is one of my favourite games ever. Sadly I neither have the time or the money for it at the moment. No other game has ever made my heart pound harder than a pvp fight in Eve. I just can’t find that same excitement anywhere else (in a game).

    I will watch your weekly Eve show if you decide to go through with it.

    Also, I don’t like Drakes. Hurricane ftw

  • Alkarin11 says:

    your in fatal ascension! tell me how you like that alliance, im in ( or was, currently in hibernation mode) in fidelas constans

  • in10forever says:

    Lol. Eve is an icelandic game :D about time that it’s actually popular. ive been waiting for this game to become popular for like 7years now..

  • DemonofRazgriz92 says:

    YES!!!!! EVE ONLINE. its def my favorite online game. but alas school is having the better of me which isnt allowing me to play this wonderfully fun game. also i cant wait for walking in stations to come out. gonna b so epic. p.s. i freaking love these Daily Spencers cause u dont just talk about console games but also online which gives us a better view of many different types of games. p.p.s. 45 jump trip holy shit 0_0 and if a weekly eve online show happens i will b so happy o/

  • Joseph Peterson says:

    EVE consequences are like hard mode on other games. I find that sometimes i just like a game to just play to run through but others like steel battalion where you have a steep learning curve and only one life are more fun. You probably enjoy simulation style games a lot I think.

  • Joseph Peterson says:

    well mining is involved. Wish you could do planet cracking and ruin other peoples economies.

  • majormagna says:

    Looking forward to the possibility of a new show.

    I love the consequences in EVE; but I can see why it would put people off.

  • Pengo300 says:

    I dont appreciate “1st comments” thanks bye.

  • hollowsoulreaper says:

    EvE is an awesome game but ppl keep undermining it coz they theyre a bunch of fanboys

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