Tempest vs. Hulk – Empire Alpha Suicide: EVE Online

Got bored in empire.

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Trying out low-sec mining as a new mining character. The skill set is bare minimum, so no advanced ship fittings were possible. Chipping rocks in low-sec gives mining some excitement, but be prepared to lose your ship if you’re not quick enough.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • roor20 says:

    Good idea and your right. The only thing is if I am going to loose the sec I want to make sure the target pops. I’m not sure if two torps would knock out another target but they might knock out the primary if for whatever reason the guns don’t instapop it. I need to do some work on the test server to see my odds.

  • Goalatio says:

    You should try locking two targets, shooting torpedos at one and turrets at the other.. Because I noticed that in all of these videos of yours, the torps never make it to their target.

  • Crisis7 says:

    Lol Gone in a Blink of an Eye

  • bryanhavoc says:

    lawl, I think we suicided something at the same time.  i have the same vent audio on one of my fraps.

  • FledglingCapsuleer says:

    Missioning is definitely the best way to earn ISK, aside from Incursions. Sometimes you just have to try other things in game for fun :) . I personally like ratting in low-sec in an interceptor, taking down large bounty battleships in a frigate is hilarious.

  • FledglingCapsuleer says:

    Oh yeah, scanning down sites in empire is great. Even better if you have a dedicated hauler. Large deposits are hit or miss though, sometimes you find one quick, other times you just can’t catch a break.

  • Zimba9810 says:

    hmm you can killa battleship in high sec mission and get 500k isk in bounty. only takes 30sec or so

  • urbandave1983 says:

    i actually found a grav site with large hedbergite and jaspet in empire today, (in fact i do this quite regularly, it beats mining in low sec then hauling it to empire). And as for the risk, well someone did the same thing and warped in with a helios then a few mins later a retriver “grrr” mining my oar , the only risk there was for him, when after dropping off my ore i returned in a destroyer, like i said he was mining my oar! :)

  • FledglingCapsuleer says:

    Thank you! I always try to watch out for them, but they’re rather sneaky ;)

  • JonnyPew says:

    good luck in your lowsec mining endeavor o/
    I hope you survive. watch out for covert ops ships ;)

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