Taikodom – Closed Beta Gameplay (First Look)

(2012) Taikodom Living Universe Closed Beta Gameplay (First Look) PC HD ———– Taikodom is a 3D Sci Fi themed space action MMORPG that looks remarkably like Eve Online. The game is currently being published by GamersFirst and features many of the gameplay elements found in other space themed MMOs including exploration, trading and open PvP. Even though the game looks and feels a lot like Eve Online, it’s still the first of its kind to hit the ‘free to play’ market. Taikodom is a 3D Space Action MMO that both looks and plays like Eve Online, but with fewer options. Think of it as a ‘poor man’s Eve Online. To be fair though, Taikodom is the first free to play game to look and play like Eve Online, so it’s unique, to an extent. Like Eve, Tikodom features guilds called ‘Corporations’, a vast open universe to explore and surprisingly good graphics. Those looking for a solid space themed MMO should certainly check out Taikodom as its one of the most detailed and immersive Sci Fi MMORPGs out there. Taikodom offers two playable factions Consortium and Renegades and both offer recruits three career possibilities: Assault, Vanguard, and Suppressor. Each career grants exclusive crafts and subroutines that determine the specialty of each pilot. Taikodome Official Website www.gamersfirst.com/taikodom HDPLAY Official Website www.hdplay.me HDPLAY (PC Games) www.youtube.com CGO PLAY (Casual/Indie Games) www.youtube.com HD TOUCH PLAY (iOS/Iphone/Android Games) www.youtube.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Taikodom – Closed Beta Gameplay (First Look)”

  • TheWarCatz says:

    Oh god the music, its horrible.
    My ears are bleeding!

  • xyn333 says:

    this is nothing like fakn Eve On – fakn – line.. Freelancer more like

  • KalishKovacs says:

    This is a new taikodom, kinda.

  • 1Husseini says:

    Someone already told you that it was in portuguese so nvm :D

  • PunkBuzter says:

    the sound is impressive. will be interesting to see if this will be nice to play, although i have a hard time to believe this would replace my love to freelancer. but it looks like it’s worth a shot :)

  • killthenerd5 says:

    I’m playing it. And I thought it was spanish because of a spanish friend i used to play with could read it all.

  • TheMiguelNiella says:

    *Open Beta, sorry xD.

  • TheMiguelNiella says:

    Actually it’s portuguese, that’s a brazilian game by a brazilian company. The game was never brought, they just made an agreement with gamesfirst to translate and publish the game for US. Thats the second version of it, there was a old release, from mid 2000s, dunno if they published it outside Brazil. Right now this is a new game, more like Taikodom 2.0, but it’s still in closed beta for us here in Brazil too.

  • assaulth3ro911 says:

    I got accepted into closed beta, applied twice in the past two or three years but I want an EVE clone but F2P. If not, then I want a EVE/Black Prophecy hybrid.

  • killthenerd5 says:

    it was very glitchy for a while and most of it was in spanish. A company then bought it out and set to work on finishing it and brining it up to date. Also a lot of it was in spanish XD

  • Cornel Marcu says:

    am i the only one who doesn’t feel like a space game? i feel like a usual mmorpg game.. when i rotate the camera comes again to default position. that doesnt happens in space XD
    btw nice game

  • Cornel Marcu says:

    im in the sane situation xD just look around for agents

  • Cornel Marcu says:

    for bad or for better?

  • Cornel Marcu says:

    i got it now ^^

  • stormfox7 says:

    Interesting! Thank you for the clarification!

  • erasetoimprove says:

    The version that was out a couple years ago was the pre-beta version. The new beta is for the complete version. The English beta was shut down for quite some time (about 2 years)w while they prepared this one…. however the previous version and current were always available in Brasil, if you know Portuguese

  • MrMoviemaker12345678 says:

    I also got my Close Beta key!

  • DeltaCommandos38 says:

    I just got my Closed Beta key… hopes up :D

  • EpicBrushie says:

    Daaamn, Taikodom changed so much!

  • jimed80 says:

    I hope this gets more people playing than Black Prophecy. Also, saw a “carrer” on the career selection screen.

  • spid135 says:

    Why after lvl 5 i cant find anymore missions?

  • derick12349 says:

    iche ja jogo taikodom deis de 2008

  • 419chris419 says:

    Aw….so there’s no economy like ve then.

  • Accsavious says:

    It has a market much alike WOW or Runescape.
    Eves market is special because most of all the items are constructed by the players. Without the industry, eve players would be restricted to ships they got as mission rewards and noobships.

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