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EVE Online: Apocrypha – Wormhole Space Showcase!!!

Here it is guys, the video you’ve all been looking for. an In depth look at the new wormholes and un-explored space coming in the next EvE-Online expansion Apocrypha! Music: Band of Horses – The Funeral Flobots – Handlebars

EvE Online TDK D-scan Wormhole Guide

A simple tutorial on how to use the directional scanner inside a wormhole to detect hostile ships BEFORE they blow up your pretty ship. For more videos please check out the youtube channel. Any questions please leave comments or post on our forums at

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Wormhole in Eve Online

This Is A better Video of A wormhole ans W-space in Eve Online

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EVE Online: Wormhole subtleties

An overview of a few subtle mechanics of wormholes, including the session change timer, wormhole distortion timer, and wormhole jump range. Here’s the link to the EVElopedia page on the wormholes I mention:

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EVE Online – A Trip to The Wormhole Space (part 3)

EVE On-line A Trip To The Wormhole Space Part III (3/3) Moar pahpahsorz. Credits. Here my adventure ends. 19.9 Gb of recorded scenes filled my hard drive. Well… what happened next? Dusky flew away – he was going down… Edward flew away – BARELY BARELY he was going down… 2009.03.01 14:39:44 Edward Hadon : 34% struc I flew away – BARELY warped away (54% Structure) Everyone warped at different place, so no goodbye scene (disk full anyway so…). I had to logoff, so i said goodbye and warped to the same wormhole i’ve entered the w-space. Again… thanks guys for the adventure, it was AWESOME! I wish every EVE player an adventure – even better than mine! See you in the EVE universe!

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