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EVE Online PvP Test – Part 1 (HD) for viewers in Germany

For FREE EVE Online game time go to (you’ll see it on the right side of the page). About the video. Firstly, it is same video as the original Part 1 but the soundtrack has been replaced because unfortunately copyright issues make the vid unavailable in Germany. Admittedly music doesn’t suit it as well as original. Secondly, it is not made by me and all credits go to authors Digital Zombie & Gun Voidwalker. Apparently they haven’t posted the vid on YouTube and I believe it deserves to be here, so I just made it shorter (due to YT’s video limit), for Germans changed the music and posted it. Thirdly, it is real in game footage, not trailer or acting. So…what’s the point? Well, basically the guys decided to put (then) just released expansion Apocrypha and CCP’s claims of having award winning PVP environment, which values tactics over skill points, on test. Could 2 new trial players really immerse themselves in the EVE Online PVP experience straight out of the box and challenge much older players? Well, the results are seen in the video ;) If you liked it make sure you check out the part 2 as well! Here’s the link

Video Rating: 5 / 5