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EVE Online – A Trip to The Wormhole Space (part 3)

EVE On-line A Trip To The Wormhole Space Part III (3/3) Moar pahpahsorz. Credits. Here my adventure ends. 19.9 Gb of recorded scenes filled my hard drive. Well… what happened next? Dusky flew away – he was going down… Edward flew away – BARELY BARELY he was going down… 2009.03.01 14:39:44 Edward Hadon : 34% struc I flew away – BARELY warped away (54% Structure) Everyone warped at different place, so no goodbye scene (disk full anyway so…). I had to logoff, so i said goodbye and warped to the same wormhole i’ve entered the w-space. Again… thanks guys for the adventure, it was AWESOME! I wish every EVE player an adventure – even better than mine! See you in the EVE universe!

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EVE Online – A Trip To The Wormhole Space (part 1)

EVE On-line A Trip to The Wormhole Space Part I (1/3) Hello :) Long time no see. Incoming three months will be very hard for me (in real life). Lot’s of stuff to do. I don’t think i will be posting any vids… So take this as a ‘see you later’. This video shows my solo run on one of the anomalies in w-space. I’ve also annotated REAL damage reports from the game. See part 3 for credits. (don’t miss part 2!) PS. Wormhole effect issue has been reported.