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Eve Online 14+7 Days Free Trial

If you start with invitation u got 7 more free days, if you upgrade your account i got free days too. We both win. Send me email for your invitation.

Starting Eve Online 1 – Settings + 21 day trial & $200 mil starting money

Welcome to Hi-Phin Let’s Play!!! I’m covering the Eve Online Basic Tutorial These videos are geared towards introducing new players to the Eve Universe. Although this Tutorial is Detailed, I do not zone-in on anything too specific. I’m basically giving a overview of the game. If you like the game after seeing the Tutorials I recommend you get a 14 day trial of the game from the site. With your first trial I’d also recommend that you run through as many different things as possible. If your still impressed after 14 days, contact me for a 21 day trial. With my 21 day trial I can give you a longer trial and a 0mil bonus the day after you purchase your first month from

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Protocon- EvE online Newb trial account Bored lol

just messing around with a trial account i made to check out the new patch just released in January 2011, decided to run some missions

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Eve online 21 Trial

if you want to play Eve for 21 Day Trial just contact me and i send you an invitation. plus i give you 100 Mil if you succesfull subscribe.

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EVE Online trial at-a-glance impression (HD)

Givin’ it a try, recorded in 1080p (though I can’t say it’s lossless). It came out to 1.7GB, and Youtube just did not want to let me upload it.

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