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Eve-Online: Avatar Amarr Titan

This video show first fly of ASCN Amarr Titan (Avatar), that ship are first player owned Titan Class ship in Eve-Online. Congrats to all ASCN members for this historic event.

Eve Online: Titan Killed in H-ADOC – BoB Teamspeak Recording

Finally got round to uploading. This is a recording from BoB voice comms when Hurley lost his Avatar in H-ADOC, I added subtitles to make it a bit easier to understand what is happening. Interested in trying out Eve? Message me your email address and I’ll send you a 21-day free trial (instead of the regular 14 day trial). Should get back to you within a day. By Frocke

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EVE Online 4 Titan Kills Y-2 + capital fight!

EVE Online – IT alliance engages GOONS,PL,MM,RZR,MH, ZAF, REB in Y-2 as they go to attack our recently gained outpost + onlining TCU. they failed! sadly iv cut a good 20 mins out of this video due to guns not cycling n it looked kinda boring lol, so i cut it out. awesome fight, 4 titans confirmed killed, whole bunch of capitals dead. a sign of a good fight! First track – apocalyptica – stroke second track – apocalyptica – life burns (instrumental) third track – starbucks co-ordinates – bsg season 4 fourth track – jizz in my pants – lonely island Thanks for watching

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Crysis – Full size EVE Online amarr battleship, dread and titan

Unfortunately the amount of comments about the paragraph below this sentence was way too high, so I just had to disable them in order to stop the disease from eating us all alive. ******DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SIZE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, I already answered many times the same thing to clueless people. Don’t just go and say oh, the ships are bigger, or they are too big, just because you dreamed they were bigger or smaller than whatever you imagined. This is the whole point of the video, to put the models, take the size I saw in the picture, and see how they are. It doesn’t make sense being like oh, no, cryengine is not right, I’m sure my drake has to be as big as Canada. THEY ARE NOT, THEY ARE EXACTLY AS BIG AS THE VIDEO SAYS. Read all the description and forum thread to understand what is going on. But to keep it simple, they are to scale and they are as big as the picture everyone knows ( says they are, regardless of its accuracy. If that picture is wrong, and that has been discussed in the thread linked below, ONLY CCP CAN SAY. Oh, but battleships in eve’s preview window are smaller! nice, read .I repeat, read description, read threads. I WON’T ANSWER ANYMORE TO THAT KIND OF COMMENTS****** Even after disabling the comments, some people took their time to send me a PM to say jesus christ in 15s I just decided the size is not correct although I have no idea what I’m talking about because I think getting the size

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