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This is BioShock (BioShock 2 Rap) Click above to watch The Devil Dogs (Gears of War 2 Metal Music Video) This is BioShock (BioShock 2 Rap) TEAMHEADKICK takes on Bioshock 2 in this fast paced, upbeat, comedic rap video about Rapture, Hacks, Headshots, Big Sister, and an outstanding game! Enjoy. MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK *LYRICS* Its Friday night, aint got shit to do So I sit in my room playing Bioshock 2All cracked out on this mountain dewCouple slices of the pizza and some funions too, dudeThe game is sick,the graphics are fantastic Multiplayer, you know youll get your ass kickedBut bring it on, Im dishin the pain And when Im done with your ass, Ill play the campaign Got more weapons than a guy from Beirut,Dont need no extra armor cause I got a dive suit Racking up kills takes tons of skill,Impaling mother fuckers with the tip of my drillFor real, dont you mess with my daughterElectrify your ass if you stand in the waterIncinerate you quick, leave you in flamesWhip the shottie out, then explode your brainsIm A man on mission and I never stop1 2 3, This is BioshockI Got a big beer gut, but dont call me a fatty,Aiming straight for your grill, here comes the big daddyThe gun Im blastin be shooting out rivets Cut you in half, leave you lookin like a midgetI could rescue my girl, but instead I broke herI got more Hacks than a 30 year smoker Eating Canned beans like reeses pieces,Toss shit around with the telekinesisTrying out the pistol, but I think that

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EVE Online – For JLGReality – This is what it’s all about!

Just for your JLG!

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EvE Online PvP cant get more epic than this the link above is the battle report Fc: chatgris I didn’t really bring the right ship for this kind of combat I did not have enough range to do much damage but all in all this was the most epic fight I have ever heard of outside of 00

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This is Eve II

Eve has come a long way since the first version of “This is Eve”. Take a peek at what Eve Online now looks like after its massive graphics update, part of the latest free expansion. You can view comments and download a high res version on the Eve-Online forums here: Learn more about Eve and pick up a free 14 day trial account at

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EVE Online – This is War

EVE Online has a lot of trailers. I though that it would be nice to make one from all of them. To make it look better i have used only trailers which have been made on the new graphic engines. At the beginning I wanted to make only 3 min video but then the Casuality and Incursion trailers has been released what gave me additional “materials”. Using them i managed to make a video with full 5 min song. Enjoy ;) ———- Update 26-12-2010: This video is more popular than I have expected, thank you very much! I DON’T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR SONGS IN MY VIDEOS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM PUTTING THEM ON YOUTUBE.

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