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EVE online old login theme

Warning! I did not make this music! This video is to show people the great music of EVE-online. I will not send you the music via email or anything else!

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Eve online theme song

Old song for the login screen during revelations, its come to my attention others want various songs from eve, let me know which ones you want and i will post them on mediafire, heres the revelations theme which is whats playing in this vid:

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EVE Online – Incursion Login Screen Theme (&Pics)

The newest EVE online expansions login screen music. Maybe it’s a bit silent but I like it. :) I wiss Merry Christmas and Happy new Year for all EVE player. “May the PLEX be with you” :)

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EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 2 At (0:22) CCP Tanis was disclosing some general intel about Incursions. Ship I was using in this video is the Amarrian Logistics Class shiped called “Guardian”. ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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