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EVE online : Caldari tech 3 in Apocrypha (test server)

better quality =) moosic: combichrist – give head if you got it

EvE online: Black Legion. vs. NC – Fight for a tech moon in AD-5B8 Full size video: Blob won’t always save you.

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  • EvE online: Black Legion vs NC - Fight for a tech moon in AD-5B8

Tech 3 Sprint Retrospective

At CCP we’ve started using the Scrum Methodology to create the Eve Online expansion Apocrypha. As part of their sprint reviews team T3ch, responsible for the creation of the new line of Tech 3 customizable ships, put together this video retrospective. More information can be found at What type of pilot will you be? Start exploring Eve Online with a free 14 day trial here: