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Eve Online – Minmatar ships showcase

Eve Online – Minmatar ships in hangar

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EvE Online: 10 Haulers vs 4 PvP Ships

What happens when you take 10 haulers, and put them up against 4 PvP Ships?

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(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 5 [Ships]

Part five, I cover the transport ships and start the capital ship discussion

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(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 3 [Ships]

Part 3, I wasn’t feeling good during this recording, that explains the pauses. This is completely unscripted. I missed a ship and will be covering that in a separate video, I don’t use them so it slipped my mind.

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(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 1 [Ships]

To those who want to do industrial work. This is completely unscripted by the way

I talk about the Capitol Industrial ships, there uses and how dangerous they are to fly and purchase. I ran out of memory, my voice starts to skip but you can make out what I’m saying. My external harddrive has arrived and this shouldn’t happen again.

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