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EVE ONLINE – I Saw Your Ship


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A fly through video of an Amarr hangar found in EVE Online. The full videos in their full HD form in .MOV and .WMV can be found here:

6yo Skye Flying My Most Expensive Ship In Eve Online

The most expensive ship I own in Eve Online is a Rhea jump freighter (market value is just unded 6billion isk, which works out to about 0 in PLEX) and I decided to let Skye perform a cyno jump in it, taking it from the security of hi-sec to a remote corner of low security space. Not only are jump freighters very expensive, they also have no offensive or defensive systems, so they’re hugely vulnerable, any operation moving cargo by jump freighter needs other pilots scouting to make sure the area is secure. I kinda messed up at the end because I forgot to web the freighter to get it into warp faster , but in the end it all worked out.

EVE Online [TUTORIAL] – Ship Modules and Fitting

A brief tutorial on the skills and things needed to fit a ship properly.

Capital Ship engagement by gentlemens club We engaged the enemy for a bit then get a carrier to undock and engage then redock ASAP to bait their fleet in. works perfectly get 4 capital kills and titan drops in to try n bump the last carrier off station but misses but was a nice show of force! (Sorry camera Work is a little shaky But i had to speed the video 2.5 times to fit it in to the 10min window. this was my breif video to check every thing was in the right place before i did the true 1080p render unfortuanly my HDD failed and only had this copy backed up :( sad panda) Enjoy! and like please! Music From dethklok and kreator all rights to music belong to them and all that good stuff

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Amarr Heavy Assault Ship : EVE Online : Spore

The Zealot is built almost exclusively as a laser platform, designed to wreak as much havoc as its energy beams can be made to. As a vanguard vessel, its thick armor and dazzling destructive power make it capable of cutting through enemy fleets with striking ease. Zealots are currently being mass-produced by Viziam for the Amarr Navy. Developer: Viziam For their first production-ready starship design, Viziam opted to focus on their core proficiencies – heavy armor and highly optimized weaponry. The result is an extremely focused design that, when used correctly, can go toe-to-toe with any contemporary cruiser design.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eve online ship goes over 1 billion m/s

scanned down a capsule when iw arped to it no capsule but wow