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EVE Online – Outartoh Sansha Incursion [03/02/11] Pt. 2

After almost a day of pushing back Sansha fleets their base of opperations is found, various fleets amass in what was to be a vicious battle.

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EVE Online: CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions

The CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency has declassified a case briefing about Sansha Kuvakei and the New Eden incursions. This information is intended to provide current and future pilots with the historical context of the threat.

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I didnt make this but im sure uploading it the song is by Immediate Music – Lacrimosa

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Eve Online: CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions

Check out this new trailer for the space MMORPG Eve Online. The security force of EVE give pilots a rundown on Sansha, putting this extreme threat into a greater context. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up

EVE Online | L4:Mission Downing The Slavers Sansha (2 of 2) part 1

EVE Online | L4:Mission Downing The SlaversSansha (2 of 2) part 1 Ship used to complete this level 4 mission was the Amarrian Battleship named “Abaddon”. ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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EVE Online – The Deltole Sansha Invasion – Pt. 2

Lovely laser show. Enjoy ;)

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