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EVE Online Dominion Expansion – PC – Planets official video game trailer HD

Dominion, EVE Online’s 12th free expansion, offers the power of control to anyone bold enough to seize it, bringing you the tools for you to rally legions together and carve out your own space. Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to for classic game videos (along with the latest trailers, screens and art) that true players don’t wanna miss out on.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

EVE Online: Incursion Devblog #10 – Extractors On Planets

EVE Online: Incursion Devblog #10 – Extractors On Planets with Kristinn Þór Sigurbergsson.

I briefly go over the basics of running Incursion Encounters in High Security space. VGMechanica. We’re a bunch of gamers who like to play games. You’re welcome to game with us, and get in the videos (at least of the online games)! Our gaming schedule is posted here: We try to adhere to it, but it isn’t always possible. If you’d like us to play through a specific game, suggest it here: If you’re curious about our computer specs, look here: As always, our website is : I’ve been getting alot of questions about how we do our videos, so I’ve decided to write up a short article on the subject . How to make a Let’s Play

Video Rating: 4 / 5