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Eve Online New Caldari Achura Male Character Creation (HD) Part 2

My main character in eve (Cornelious Vanderbelt) has that horrible Achura avatar so i went on the test server today 15/11/10 to get a look at the new character creation thats coming out and i must say it looks like one of the best ive seen. Ive uploaded the vid in 2 parts so enjoy. I must point out that this is in beta stages at the moment so it was a bit buggy and also i disabled my mouse cursor in fraps.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lets Play Eve Online – Part 5 (4 of 4)

Tonight two combat sites in Torvi and a visit to a Brothel?!?

EVE Online – Rookie Scanning Tutorial Part 1

SET QUALITY TO 720p OR 1080p TO READ IN-GAME TEXT. A lengthy but in-depth scanning tutorial for rookies with a thirst for knowledge. Critics are welcome and even encouraged, so let me know your feedback! And yes, I know, I didn’t edit the ends of each section at all. But I think you’ll live through the harsh transitions. NOTE: Imicus is a GALLENTE ship. Each faction has its own respective ship types so you should look into what yours is if you are not Gallente.

Let’s Play Eve Online – Episode 13 – Part 2 of 3

And we go into the incursion! the fleet we met up with did a fantastic job a salute to: alena redruth artheh asaface baliagha cedeon d’arbiter gantrithor105 lakut recalesence Great job guys! Auratec and I then move to a combat site. more to come!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Some strange cloaked object on the EVE Online title screen. Look close. Glitch at several intervals. 12seconds/22seconds/31seconds/38seconds

EVE Online Guide Directional Scanner (can flippen) Part 2

Teil 2 zur Directional Scanner Benutzung.

Video Rating: 5 / 5