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EVE online- Our Sansha’s Nation

I use other people’s videos Synthesis of this video Enjoy it use by Eve Online: the nation EVE Online: Incursion Trailer Eve Online: Uedama invasion Eve Online: united we stand, divided we fall

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EVE Online Incursion – Nation Commander Outpost

EVE Online Incursion – Nation Commander Outpost Watch how our fleet does it. These sites are quite easy when done properly. Ships are buffer tanked armor with Guardian support. The Pilots: Artheh Asaface Gantrithor105 Garmund Homerdan Nik Domar Noticon Rescalesence Ronin Amagan Schmerle Wice Wocket Filmed in EVE Online.

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Eve Online: the nation

A fan made teaser about Sansha’s Nation which will be at the center of the next expansion in Eve Online called ‘Incursion’ coming this winter. the music is from Two steps from hell called ‘Gravitation’

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