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Surprise Surprise Blitz Walkthrough – Machariel Level 4 Mission – Eve Online

Walkthrough for Surprise Surprise Level 4 Mission

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Well, I’m sure BYRN is learning from us, and we’re certainly learning from them. Here’s a video summary of just what we’re learning. These videos are the story of Aggression Alliance in the MMO EVE Online

(Now in 1080!) – Rogue Slave Trader 1 of 2 – Machariel – Eve Online

Now in 1080 with max quality! This is just a quick video to test out the new quality of the settings im using, hopefully this will show up in 1080, got a new graphics card this weekend and went right to max with no lag, more videos to come next week, let me know what ship you guys would like to see in the future

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EVE online: The Mighty Machariel running a mission.

PLEASE READ: This is just a video that I made to show my friends how I solo the bonus room of the “angel extra” lvl4 mission, and also cause I think the footage with this music is worth uploading :) Music: Battlefield – Blind guardian. The Machariel is a truly awesome ship both in pvp and pve, and I find it really more effective than a Raven (or Navy raven, and even golem) for missioning cause it deals a LOT more dps, and also, contrary to the raven where you just sit like a noob and launch missiles (you are also permaruning your shield booster cause you think that tank is more important than dps in missions), you have to play a bit more smartly in a machey. Using normal ammo. FITTING: 7guns, 1 nos. AB, shield booster, 2 invul, 1 shield boost amplifier. 1 Damage control, 3 gyrostab, 3 tracking enhancer. Rigs: Shield booster capacitor cost reduction (cant remember the name :/)

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Eve Online: Maller and Prophecy Vs Dramiel, Dramiel, Crow and Machariel.

Maller and Prophecy Vs Dramiel, Dramiel, Crow and Machariel.

Machariel solo movie

This is a video of the Machariel, the Angel Cartel battleship in EVE online. It belongs to Darkowmen.