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Surprise Surprise Blitz Walkthrough – Machariel Level 4 Mission – Eve Online

Walkthrough for Surprise Surprise Level 4 Mission

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Well, I’m sure BYRN is learning from us, and we’re certainly learning from them. Here’s a video summary of just what we’re learning. These videos are the story of Aggression Alliance in the MMO EVE Online

EVE Online – Level 5 Corp Fun

Contains: Gambell yelling, us leaving the mission to let a trial account salvager get popped, some witty humor, and meeeeeeee. Thanks to everyone involved, the salvager even turned out to be a respectable parasite. That’s the nature of EVE though, I guess. -Japhez

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Eve Online › The Damsel in Distress (level 3 mission in Drake)

I was bored (trading was running good) so i decided to test my new drake fit. I know that i should use mission specific resist but i just wanted to try it. My shield skills sux big way so i am only around 250dps omni tank in that movie. Enjoy :) If you wanna see my char just go to

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Buzz Kill – Angel Cartel – Paladin – Level 4 Mission – Eve Online

After reading Eve-Survival I tweaked my fit a bit from the normal ( ) Swapped in 2 smart bombs in the high slots (which after running this mission, they are not really necessary) also took off the AB to make the smart bombs fit and i threw on a target painter

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Eve Online › The Black Market Hub (level 3 mission in Drake)

Pretty much easy level 3 mission with my Drake.

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