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Eve online killing a faction spawn in hostile space

So we killed a carrier in a dead end pocket, we got traped, and I got bored. After some ratting jokes I decided to warp to the top belt and dick around and look what I found. A Dread Guristas Eraser.

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Eve Online Killing a Macro Raven

We jumped in running from a fleet that was chasing us (21 vs 5), anyways found this guy in a belt after being in local for 5 or so mins. I guess his macro bot crashed.

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EVE Online: Killing afk Majesta Empire’s Rorqual at the POS


EvE Online: Black legion. & Greenswarm: Abaddon power (killing NC)

Rage jumped us first time, lost their fc’s instantly. They were running around the system like headless chicken, randomly dying at our camp. RAGE then regrouped and brough 100+ people to kill our 15 ships. After some effort, Demon Hunters decided to jump in 2 supers (which they promptly lost to PL supercapital fleet) even though the trap was obvious. I bet they will think twice before dropping supers again :P gf, lol.

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EVE Online: Stainwagon killing IT Nyx

Stainwagon gang tackled and killed IT Nyx and 3 carriers during heavy roaming at Delve. Download HQ vid: KM: Soundtrack: Kaoma – Lambada

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