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[Eve Online PVP] Kill Will: Volume 3 – Episode 2

Episode 2 of the EVE Online pvp video: ‘Kill Will Volume 3′ by Willl Adama. Thread: Music; White Lies – Holy Ghost Veto – Digits Veto – Unite ES Posthumus – Unstoppable

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EVE Online Golem kill

Killing the NC on their own turf. Bombers take out an 867.91 million ISK Golem in a matter of seconds. Killmail:

Eve Online – Drake kill in a WH

1st vid’ with fraps and Windows Movie Maker, sry for quality I failed with fraps recording options. Drake kill with corp while scanning down some Wormhole. I got killmail :o

Buzz Kill – Angel Cartel – Paladin – Level 4 Mission – Eve Online

After reading Eve-Survival I tweaked my fit a bit from the normal ( ) Swapped in 2 smart bombs in the high slots (which after running this mission, they are not really necessary) also took off the AB to make the smart bombs fit and i threw on a target painter

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EVE ONLINE – Cascade Imminent – Catch- FAT-6P – Razor Alliance Nyx Kill

guy got caught out.