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Eve Online › Incursion 1.1.0 Character Creator on Singularity

I know :) It is coming live tomorrow but anyway. I am just not patient enough :) It is really great piece of software. Kudos to CCP for doing this. Watch in orginal quality for best quality!

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EVE Online – Outartoh Sansha Incursion [03/02/11] Pt. 2

After almost a day of pushing back Sansha fleets their base of opperations is found, various fleets amass in what was to be a vicious battle.

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EvE Online – Incursion

EvE Online Incursion

HD Eve Online: Incursion Tutorial Missions – Part 2

Eve Online new tutorial missions check out my channel for more gameplay videos FRAPPS – recording software

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Eve Online › Creating my avatar in Incursion Character Creator

Finally i decided to create my new avatar with incursion character creator. I was working first time with final version of new character creator, so i was trying to review all possible modification to my char. No i am not black :) Many people asked me that after i logged in. I just like this look of my gallente char. I am 100% trader in Eve Universe.

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