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First Incursion Days

The second day of the incursion expansion (where the sansha invade), I decided to take a look and see how hard it was. 4 fleets of around 20 people jumped into the pocket at the same time, and everything smaller than a bc died in 1 shot. At the end, there was easily 5 billion worth of assests on the field.

Eve Incursion Mother Ship Kill (part 1 of 3).wmv

Eve Incursion Mother Ship Kill by armor fleet (83 pilots). check out channel “silver pub” in game. Music is Pendulum Check out Videos 2 and 3

Simple machinima using the EVE Online character creator from Incursion

Using EVE Online’s character creator tool, in pose mode, I pressed CTRL-F9 to hide the UI and grabbed the character’s mouth and moved it up and down using the mouse, essentially using the character as a sock puppet and then captured the video with FRAPS and edited in Premiere. Took like 20-30 minutes. One could play around with more facial posing to create expressions and such. The characters were just random characters. This clip was generated to illustrate that someone could create simple machinima with this tool.

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Singularity Testing – Incursion Avatar Creation

From the Eve Online Test Server (Singularity) – CCP announced that the new character creation feature was available to test, although many things are not working right yet as its all unfinished. Unfortunately the final avatar is not used it game, it just forces you to create one. Neat UI and the way you can sculpture the model is very intuitive, more so that I expected. Dev Blog:

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This is my tribute to Eve Online, the best MMO in the entire world, in my opinion at least. Eve online is a game that tests the mind and will of the player, it is educational in the sense that it gives you a taste of how brutal real life can be, but is a fun, challenging game to enjoy in order to test one’s mind and resourcefulness against another… Build your empire, and join the fight. This video was made on Windows Movie Maker, and all rights belong to CCP for the video clips used in this tribute. Videos included: Eve Online – The Empyrean Age Eve Online – Dominion Eve Online – Incursion Music: Auracle Music – “Epic Legend” Special Thanks to MusicHealsUrSoul for the epic video from which I got the music from and CCP for creating such a grand game.

Incursion Testing on Singularity (EVE Online)

Please Read: I was flying logistics in a Basilisk. We had already killed about half the site, but a spawn took out 4/5 of our logistics and we were forced to bail. The video starts as we go in the second time. My Fraps broke towards the end, hence the freezing.

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