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EVE Online | Null Sec. Space is The Life for Me! o7 | Gameplay Recorded using Fraps

Twitter: Facebook: Other channel: EVE Online is a MMORPG space game I’ve been playing since April of 2010 and it has truly been a learning experience. This video is filled with clips from my first 18 days in null security space. I’ve have recently put my carebear ways behind me and I’m lovin’ it. Null Security space is the only place for me now. It feels like home and yet…also feels like a minefield in space. You better have intel before you jump……..or else. Songs & Artists (listed in order of appearance) 1. Samurai Rock-off by Ockeroid 2. Briiing It by fearing 3. Edge of Faith by Nemesis Theory FREE TRIAL OFFER (14 days standard or 21 days if sent by me) Anyone who wishes to play a trial of EVE Online they can do so for 14 days, but I have the ability to send you a 21 day free trial. Message me if you would like me to send you that 21 day free trial. I can only send out 3 per month. So contact me asap. Official Game Website: What is EVE Online? EVE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) that takes place approximately 20.000 years after our times in a galaxy on the far end of the universe. When you join EVE you assume the role of a freshly graduated „Capsuleer”, a relatively small group of elite spaceship pilots capable of controlling powerful spaceships on their own from within their capsules. Capsuleers are often referred to as “The immortals” due to the fact that the highly advanced capsules

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Fraps Test 1080 Eve Online

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