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Eve Online – AT7 Day 1 – Indecisive Certainty Vs SOLAR FLEET

Alliance Tournament 7 – Day 1 Qualifiers Round 1 – Fight 11 – Indecisive Certainty Vs SOLAR FLEET Sign up for a free 14 day trial (No credit card required) at

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EVE Online: CONCORD standoff with unknown Minmitar fleet

CONCORD was put on high alert after a fleet of Minmitar designed ships including jumped into CONCORD patrolled high security space. The fleet surrounded CONCORD Bureau Station in the Yulai system in a tense standoff in which no shots were fired before abruptly leaving the system. The fleet was of unknown origin but was composed entirely of Minmitar designed ships with at least six dreadnought class Naglfars bearing Republic Fleet markings escorted by support ships reportedly from Thukker Tribe. A spokesman for the Minmitar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular publicly stated “The location of every ship in the Republic Fleet at the time of the armada’s incursion has been accounted for.” A possible connection between the unknown force and disgraced Minmatar Republic Ambassador Keitan Yun has been suggested. His whereabouts are currently unknown but CONCORD has labeled him a “person of interest”.

Fleet of 30ish with mostly faction ships, some logistics and hac/command. After hours of roaming, we found this Thanatos. I started recording just before it goes into structure. PS! This is NOT factional warfare! It’s a fleet consisting of faction and faction fitted ships! (Total Loss for the Than: 1492630369.00) Complete ship list for the curious ones: (1) Megathron Navy Issue (2) Nightmare (2) Raven Navy Issue (1) Vigilant (5) Machariel (1) Phantasm (1) Stabber Fleet Issue (1) Vindicator (1) Onyx (1) Rook (1) Scimitar (1) Osprey (1) Succubus (1) Damnation (5) Republic Fleet Firetail (1) Amarr Navy Slicer (1) Daredevil (1) Worm (1) Sabre (1) Guardian (1) Falcon

Eve Online – AT9 Day 1 – Babylon 5.. vs SOLAR FLEET

Eve Online – AT9 Day 1 Group Stage – Babylon 5.. vs SOLAR FLEET Buy new graphic cards at

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Eve Online – Incursion Fleet Battle – VisionCloud

Incursion Fleet Battle on 3-14-2011 10.05.28 PM MST

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EVE Online – Capital Ship Fleet (HD)

The end is nice =] Laying siege to a POS & a Titan

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