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First trial run of Battleship Ball from Eve Online

The Galactic Battleship Ball League (GBBL) of Eve Online is proud to present the first trial game of Battleship Ball. The competitors were these two teams: Team 1 Leader: Siigari Kitawa – Guard (Griffin) astara989 – Forward (Kestrel) Twg Memitim – Guard (Griffin) Bigdude – Shooter (Thorax) TreeSwine – Forward (Rifter) Team 2 Leader: Mynxee – Shooter (Rupture) AdmiralJohn – Guard (Maulus) Hitomi Yasama – Forward (Tristan) Icer Xx – Forward (Rifter) Nashh Kadavr – Guard (Maulus) Referees: phree4u, lady4phree Ball: Anslo (Armageddon) The game was great. Team 1 had an amazing victory, losing no ships during the fight and locking Team 2′s frigates down early with ECM. An enjoyable match, with amazing DPS from both sides. The winner was given to Team 1, with the following damages: Team 1 – 41316 Team 2 – 20983 I hope everybody looks forward to more GBBL games! For more information, click here: Thanks for your support!

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Eve Online Tutorial 002 : Your First Steps

A few basic steps to take when you first start eve. Just to get your character moving in the right direction

▶ EVE Online gameplay review – First impressions! (Logan) – TGN.TV — Logan of TGN Games has started a miniseries of the excellent Sci-Fi game Eve Online. Logan is the most recent TGN director to join us and I hope that you make a warm welcome for him. As always, please leave us messages and comments to help us improve.

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This video talks about Eve’s skill training system as compared to more traditional MMO’s, and explores a few ways make complex skill choice simpler.

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Eve Online Review: Your First Steps in Eve

A commentary on Eve Online’s starting area, graphics and the simple commands you’ll use when you first begin your journey.

Video Rating: 4 / 5 for Eve Online reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Eve Online is by CCP and has a 14 day free trial with very few limitations. MMOHut has over 200 free to play MMOs & MMORPGs for you to browse through! Visit us at:

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Apocrypha – First Encounter

Short Animated Eve online movie. Eve Online Forum Post:

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