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Hulk Gank Attempt? Brutix Epic Fail

So I was mining my own business you know OREs and some guy shows up in a Brutix (1:40) and starts to attack me! After failing to kill me .. they write in local … “needed to blow up for insurance” which makes no sense.. they can self destruct if that was the case! ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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EvE Online PvP cant get more epic than this the link above is the battle report Fc: chatgris I didn’t really bring the right ship for this kind of combat I did not have enough range to do much damage but all in all this was the most epic fight I have ever heard of outside of 00

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Eve Online – Epic 1500 Pilot Battle in 49-U6U [Part 1]

GoonSwarm vs Against ALL Authorities/KenZoku/Razor and some other lesser important corporations. Low kill counts due to extreme lag. Battle report: Also Youtube “misidentified” one of the songs in this movie as being copyrighted. Don’t fall for their scam, you can download the real song here for free: Rest of the music:

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