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Eve Online – Drake kill in a WH

1st vid’ with fraps and Windows Movie Maker, sry for quality I failed with fraps recording options. Drake kill with corp while scanning down some Wormhole. I got killmail :o

Eve Online › The Damsel in Distress (level 3 mission in Drake)

I was bored (trading was running good) so i decided to test my new drake fit. I know that i should use mission specific resist but i just wanted to try it. My shield skills sux big way so i am only around 250dps omni tank in that movie. Enjoy :) If you wanna see my char just go to

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Eve Online › The Black Market Hub (level 3 mission in Drake)

Pretty much easy level 3 mission with my Drake.

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EVE-Online, PVP, Lowsec, Rapier, Vagabond, Drake

Updated version of my original video – hopefully now with a better resolution!

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EVE Online Drake vs Drake

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