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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Get Dead Space 2 Walkthrough here! And the terrifying gameplay shall now commence…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eve Online Dead terrorists Blobbage number 5

WE get blobbed by Wildly inappropriate and Razor alliance. at the same time.

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Dead Pirates – EVE ONLINE (must watch in 720p)

First, sorry for the bad footage quality. My fraps wasn’t set up properly. This is some pvp footage just before we started up Exanimo Inc again, and pirates is on the meny this time. Some solo fights and smaller gang kills. I hope you enjoy it!

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Eve Online Capital battle – 167 confirmed dead – part 2/3

Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm and Razor versus. AAA and ATLAS Thanks all for the great fight. Part 2/3 High Quality download available here:

Eve Online stainWagon against Dead Terrorists & CO2

Musics are not mine. Video frapsed and made by Big Miker. It shows the death of DT and CO2 titans/supers/capitals. Sountrack: All songs in the fit are from Pendulum: Immersion. first song is named Watercolour

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