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First Incursion Days

The second day of the incursion expansion (where the sansha invade), I decided to take a look and see how hard it was. 4 fleets of around 20 people jumped into the pocket at the same time, and everything smaller than a bc died in 1 shot. At the end, there was easily 5 billion worth of assests on the field.

Eve Online 14+7 Days Free Trial

If you start with invitation u got 7 more free days, if you upgrade your account i got free days too. We both win. Send me email for your invitation.

1348 Days of Eve Online Influence/Sovereignty Map 2007 to May-2011

The latest Eve online 0.0 Influence Sovereignty Map timelapse. As a test i have put March, April and a bit of May into a Flash animation. This gives better quality and the ability to zoom in on a section of the map. Go to the following link to view that. 09-Aug-2007 to 07-May-2011 1348 Days of Eve Online Influence Maps put into a nice little 4:45 minute video. As requested i have added a date stamp in the bottom right. I have just done the month and year. It would have been too time consuming to do the days too. Original images gotten from Music can be downloaded here


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