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EVE Online Incursion – Maller battle cruiser- battle mission

Featuring the Maller Cruiser in the game EVE Online. This is suposed to be HD widescreen, but saved the video accidently in the wrong format.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

Featuring the Punisher Amarr Frigate.

EVE-online. AAAC tournir 1vs1 cruiser class. part-2

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Eve-Online Goons T1 Cruiser Thunderdome

200+ blue frigates, cruisers and some random other ships fighting eachother in NOL-M9, outside IT Alliance’s main station. Some IT ships joined the fun. Smartbombing Armageddon got a lot of drones (heh) but almost no noob ships. They also setup a camp on the PR- gate in NOL-M9 with two sabres, nemesis and a jaguar which we all killed. A vengeance tried his luck later on and also got killed. Unfortunately I don’t have the camps on fraps :( Lots of fun! Sound track: The Timewarp Project – Thoughts And Feelings Tried To Destroy His Self Being But He Held Ground (

Eve Online – T3 Cruiser Test Fight

a friend wanted me to test his tank, so i flew out to meet him in a Loki, he was in aproteus, both were PVE fits

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